Friday, 15 August 2008

Cross stitch exchange

Today 15th August I have at last posted the napkin cross stitch exchange! I didn't do a tie with cube ends but a twisted thread with tassels and it still looked good.

Such a relief to get it posted. I have also received from Sew&So the Lorri Birminham designs so have emailed Katrina for the threads as I got them from her for TOF at 25p each!

Can't wait to start them.

Also having requested the Winter Sampler from Mag 181 I have received 3 sets of pages and 1 whole magazine, women are so generous. I am sending my home made cards as thanks to all of them although it is such an effort to sit at the table with my knee at the moment!

Did too much yesterday but the kitchen was such a mess and there was all Emily's washing as she was back from her very wet camping holiday! Anyway I was in agony last evening and reduced to tears, I was in bed with an ice pack at 8!

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Elisa said...

Gorgeous napkin....the braiding looks fantastic!!