Friday, 15 August 2008

Week 4 plus after my op

I was to and fro to the hospital yesterday for my check up on this wound infection in an hour!! Because they forgot to order the ambulance and I had taxis! Less than £10 so well worth it. I saw the Registrar that was on the ward, very nice and took time to ask how I was generally and how was the pain now etc. I did feel he was talking to me and not just another patient! Anyway the antibiotics are suited to the infection I had as the swab results were back and so I have to carry on and finish the dose which is thursday night, roll on thursday! And I don't have to go again till my 6 week appointment which is the 26th August unless I feel unwell and then to go into casuatly PDQ so I feel happy with that.

I wandered round the shop there bought a card Magazine, some Fudge and packet of Werthers, so I am happy! For the first time I am not desperate for my pain killers which were due at 12noon today so things are looking up.
It has made me feel a lot more with it and in the hospital shop there was a money machine so I have money again!!

At the weekend Mike said he'll drive me to Boots to get a few toiletries so that will be nice. We are expecting more visitors on sunday, Mike's son George, his partner Zena and baby Carter who will be three in October, so another busy weekend. My daughter and family came two weekends ago and last weekend my son and his partner. Trouble is although I don't do anything just smile and chat it leaves me exhausted and I have to spend monday in bed!

My BIL Pete's funeral is next tuesday and I have already said I won't be going. Its a burial and Mike said its a long way to walk, anyway I can't cope for longer than half an hour sitting or standing before I feel like dropping. I am spending most of my time in bed, as I still need a nanny nap in the afternoons.
I don't feel ready to get out and about yet but will probably be back in action in September.

And great news I have 'been' this morning so thats made me feel better too!

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