Monday, 11 August 2008

4`weeks on...

...... Its four weeks since my knee op and actually today I can honestly say that the pain is less... however the antibiotics are upsetting my tum and I am tired after yesterdays visitors and this little dachshound Maisie we are looking after! Apart from barking way into the night, this morning we were woken at 5 by her howling!

So I am going to have a sleep this afternoon as I feel exhausted.

She has peed and pood every where in spite of my taking her outside every hour and left alone she barks and barks. Great upset with my own little poodle Boysie last evening as Maisie went into his bed!

I am still fussing this exchange napkin and really should have posted it off by now but I wanted to make those little cubes as a tied napkin ring but wonder now if I'll have time or the concentration... but who knows.. I am off for a nanny nap now and might feel full of beans when I get up!

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