Tuesday 23 August 2022

What do you think?

While many of the British public are being told how their energy bills could top £4000 this coming winter, Boris our departing Prime Minister is enjoying a holiday in Greece. It seems he left a tip of 50 Euros (£42) for their last meal, where he was joined by friends.

Here at home there are strikes which are going to affect the cost of living even further, according to the experts.. Train, Docks, Post, and Refuse workers are all either on strike or are proposing to strike. 

Liz is promising tax cuts, which won't help the poorest of Britain, as many earn below the tax threshold. But she is promising a new Budget and spending review that will reverse April's rise in National Insurance and next years Corporation tax hike from 19% to 25%. 

Rishi has promised to deliver tax cuts that drive growth, but only after we get a grip on inflation.
What does it all mean and who will carry out what they're promising? 
We can only judge after the event.. Boris promised a lot, but things haven't worked out.

He seemed to me to be portraying himself as the amiable buffoon, but with brains? 
Who knows what will happen but one thing, we the people can be assured of, the MPs will be fine and with no worries about their salaries until the next General Election??
What do you think?



Eileen H said...

I think exactly the same as you do Chris, it matters not a jot who gets the PM's job. It's going to be a very hard winter especially for those on fixed incomes. I can't bear to look at Johnson or most of the Cabinet for that matter.

Terra said...

We are facing dangerously high inflation here in the USA too. This year thus far 8 percent rise, while social security payments rose less than half of this. I notice food prices are very high here, and our President is printing money and spending it like a drunken person, which will only increase inflation. Let's hope for a change in direction.

Will said...

Having listened to politicians promises from the time of Harold Wilson's "white heat of technology" and "the pound in your pocket will still be worth the same" in the 1960s, my enduring take-away is that all politicians are ultimately consummate liars and self-publicists, and one should never believe what they promise. Also, what happens will be determined more by external events than a manifesto promise (remember, a week is a long time in politics).

busybusybeejay said...

He hasn’t got a clue!,,,I feel so sorry for families approaching this winter.

Joy said...

I agree with you. xx

Maggie said...

None of them live In the real world, no matter who gets in they all make promises that are never kept. Fuel prices needs to be addressed as that is a real worry, goodness knows what problems that will cause once Winter sets in!
Perhaps they should all be made to live on real income for a while to see what it's like to manage, it would be an eye opener for them.

Joanne Noragon said...

I can no longer formulate an answer. I just watch and listen and listen and watch.

Bless said...

We, too, are dealing with rising inflation, here. One can only hope to cope with rising prices and dwindling resources.

Elizabethd said...

I cant bear to watch any of it, so much is hyperbole served with a dusting of lies.

Misadventures of Widowhood said...

Inflation here in the USA is out of control, too. It's scary to go to the grocery store these days.

Rosie said...

We need an emergency coalition government with a strong leader to sort out the mess we are in. Then we need proportional representation so that one party can't rule the roost and all politicians should work together for the country and its people not for themselves. It won't happen though.