Thursday, 11 August 2022

Such delightful TV

It was such a delight to hear all about Raymond Briggs' life and hear how he got into drawing.. and Art College. I didn't know anything about him apart from The Snowman and a couple of his other books. He died Tuesday age 88.
A very pleasant man, as well as being very talented, although his choice of career was not something his parents thought was any good. 
After the programme about him, there was the film of the story he wrote about his parents.  Ethel and Ernest was a graphic novel which told their story from their first meeting in 1928 till their death in 1971.
We thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Such talent and such wonderful books.
Did you watch his life story and then the film about his parents?



Bless said...

My daughter and I "read" The Snowman and watched the movie, when she was a little girl. I was not aware of his other books until I heard about his death in the news.

Joy said...

Yes, I did - it was a while ago now, wasn't it? Maybe they will repeat them. xx

Eileen said...

His books and videos will live on long after his death.

Rosie said...

I have one or two of his books. The film of Ethel and Ernest was so sad. He had great talent:)

Elizabethd said...

We watch The Snowman every Christmas. So lovely, gentle tale with beautiful music.