Friday, 1 July 2022

'Wool Gathering'

I've sat in my garden enjoying my flowers 'wool gathering' just thinking and dreaming. A lot of the flowers and plants are from seed or cuttings, but some have come with me across the years from other gardens and I love it.

 One of my favourites is penstemon, I have five! And I love the scent of phlox

I dream 'what ifs'; would my life have been very different if my mother had lived? I hope so, my childhood was pretty miserable, but I loved school, especially in my senior school, where because my aunt paid for me, I was a boarder.. I laugh thinking about it, because I read the Girls Friend comic where the girls were in a boarding school. Very very middle class but I wasn't at all, very far from it.

  My grandmother ran a B&B and there were occasions when all the bedrooms were let out to the visitors and my aunty and I slept on camp beds in the shed, which leaked!! So we had rubber mats, (no plastic in 1940s) over us and umbrellas!!

But it was the life I knew and for all its difficulties, I'm here now and living the rewards of that education. 

I've enjoyed my 'wool gathering,' do you day dream?



Terra said...

Wow, how fascinating to imagine sleeping in the shed with umbrellas to keep you dry. It sounds like your grandma worked hard to provide for her family. How sad to lose your mom when you were young, moms are so dear. My mom died when I was 24 and I still miss her. I sometimes plant phlox and penstemon, they are favorites of mine too.

Maggie said...

I'm sorry you lost your mum at such a young age.
I day dream a lot, being on my own all week (because my husband works away), I have plenty of time to day dream.

Eileen said...

You'll barely believe this but my grandmother had a boarding house and my Mum used to help out with the bedrooms and I would have to wait on during the school summer holidays. I slept in the shed but at least it didn't leak like yours did. I had a pretty miserable time though and what I earned and tips had to go towards buying my school uniform. I don't do much day dreaming but I do often remember stuff from years gone by.

Joy said...

Oh, yes, I love a good daydream. I have no idea if my memories are accurate but that doesn't matter. xx

Jo said...

Imagine sleeping in a leaky shed, but I suppose those rooms were needed to pay the bills. After reading the Malory Towers and St Clare's book series, both by Enid Blyton, as a child, I always imagined what fun it would be to go to boarding school. Yes, I'm a dreamer, usually in the middle of the night when I can't sleep.

linda said...

I love the smell of phlox too and penstemon are lovely I have two but have taken many cuttings from them. I daydream all the time, it's lovely to see old friends appear in the garden every year and especially so when they have special memories attached to them. Have a great week.