Monday, 4 July 2022

Not the visit they expected..

 Sunflowers, roses and agapanthus, a beautiful bouquet from my young step daughter and her husband, but it wasn't the only gift they gave us, when they visited at the weekend. 
It's nearly a year since we've seen them, so they were amazed to see all the changes. We would have had more than one picture up on  the walls too, except as Dh explained our drill gave up the ghost Friday when he was re-doing the house number on the outside wall. I had bought the drill, when I bought my first house, after my divorce over 30 years ago, so I've had my moneys worth from it.
While they were looking around and admiring the garden, they saw the shed parts waiting to be built.
Right away T said he'd help to build it. So they picked up a drill we ordered on the Sunday morning and Dh and T built the shed and K and I cooked the Sunday dinner! 
Such a help to us to get that shed done, Dh would never had been able to do it himself.
My stepdaughter and I got on fine in the kitchen together, a bit like old times! And the roast pork dinner was delicious!



Eileen said...

Lovely to have had help with the shed and in the kitchen. So good of them to offer, they sound like a lovely young couple. Your flowers are gorgeous.

Terra said...

That was a great visit, even getting the shed built as a big plus.

meandmysmallcorner said...

That is a very cheery vase of flowers Chris.
You have a lovely step daughter and her husband, so thoughtful of them to help with the shed. Have a lovely week. Let's hope for some sunshine :)

Barb said...

Hello Chris~ It's always nice to see a new comment from a new friend! What a beautiful vase of flowers from your step-daughter, she must be a wonderful girl! And what a treat to have her husband help with the building of a shed...what an amazing gift. I can think of few things that make me happier than spending time around a dinner table with my children, you are very blessed. My great grandparents were from Wales, and in fact I still have relatives living's a beautiful place that I would love to visit sometime. Thank you for stopping by my small place in the blogging world, it's always wonderful to meet new friends. Have a wonderful week, Chris!