Friday, 20 June 2014

Strawberries mean jam making

Here is my lovely man making strawberry jam.
It was our second batch as we had been to a PYO farm and came home with several baskets full.
Now we need some scones to eat with it all and of course some thick cream.
Doesn't that jam look tempting.
Shhhhh don't mention diet!
 I found these very pretty dishes and the jug, which is our new utensil jar as our other one fell to pieces. I had bought it many years ago in Portugal. This one and the bowls are perfect for our updated kitchen. I found them at a very nice garden centre when I was lunching with a friend.
They are so pretty and bright and quite beautiful.
It was a really nice time with her, I have known her for years and we meet once a  month for lunch. We like to try new places and this one on Wednesday was very nice. Lush coffee and walnut cake with coffee to finish! Opps not the diet but a special day out with my friend. We then crossed the road to this rather nice garden centre and spent a very happy hour looking at the plants and then all the pretty knick naks, books, cards and pictures inside. And when I saw these I didn't need to look twice, I loved them from the first moment  I saw them. It was a perfect day, although ordinary in some ways.
I like my life to be full of spectacular ordinary days that are sprinkled with special days.
Happy days


Beth said...

The jam looks so good. There is nothing that tastes quite so good as homemade strawberry jam!

cucki said...

I love strawberry jam
Hugs x

aimee said...

Yum. I love homemade jam! That is so neat that your hubby gets involved with jam making :)
PS: Now I am craving scones with jam, etc.

Jay said...

Those dishes will brighten up any day, they're so pretty! And how nice that you found them with a friend, they'll have happy memories attached to them.

Leslie: said...

I really should make some strawberry & raspberry jams. I haven't done it since my girls were little but maybe...yours looks awfully good!

Marge said...

the dishes are lovely. so pretty. and the jam looks yummy. good job Mike... love Marge

Penny said...

The strawberry jam looks delicious! And diet ~ what diet? :) Your utensil jar and bowls are so pretty! Love the red flowers.

Theresa said...

YUMMY Jam, I'll be right over:) Love those colorful dishes! Perfect colors! Have a blessed weekend dear friend, BIG HUGS!

flowers on my table said...

OOh loving the idea of scones and cream with that lovely homemade jam...mmmm!
Thank you so much for your visit and lovely comments. I am so sorry that I am just getting back to you now. I think you may need to remove your grandmother's chair from the green house, what would she say! Have a lovely Sunday, with love, Linda xx

Julie said...

Strawberry jam making happening here too... hubby brought lots from the allotment yesterday.