Sunday, 15 June 2014

New Project

 Still here but very busy! I have been cross  stitching for an exchange so obviously I can't show it here now, but will once it has been received.
And we have been trying to get our garden straight.
Also I have started a quilt for my grandson who is hoping to go to Uni in September. I made one for his sister so obviously I had to make one for him.
It is 'manly' colours as it should be as he is a young man of 18.. can't be fluffy teddies or toy cars.
I have chosen some woodland colours and am pleased with my choice.

I will finish it with a cream coloured sashing, and then hand quilt with cross hatching.
I have put my tulip quilt to one side to get this done.
Happy sewing or what ever you're doing.






cucki said...

Wow such pretty fav color :)
I love them so much...
Hugs d

Lynda said...

It is a busy time of year even for those of us who don't quilt!!! Glad you got a minute to update. I like your quilt color choices.

hazel c UK said...

Love the colors of your grandsons quilt and hope he gets to uni, it is a worrying time for youngsters now.

Have a good week and look forward to seeing the quilt progress.

Hazel c uk

Julie said...

It'll be lovely for him to have a bit of 'nan' keeping him company at Uni. I hope he does well in his studies.

Jay said...

What a lovely idea, we have our first on his way to Uni in the autumn too (fingers crossed!)

aimee said...

Great colors for a young man's quilt!

Penny said...

You've picked some lovely fabrics for your grandson's quilt! I always have a hard time choosing appropriate fabrics when making something for my husband or son. :)