Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A silly regret

My grand daughter will be 20 this summer... where did those years go?
I was there holding her mum's hand when she was in labour!
I bought this violin and loved to hear her practice.
She moved on to a bass guitar when she was 18!
We went to the pub one evening when I popped to see them all.
And she played in the garden there.
Happy days.
She modelled her schools uniform and this photo is still on their site.
In fact that year her photo was used for their open day posters and she fronted the web site's first page.
And I love this one of her, which I snagged from her FB page..
When I said I looked at her FB page, she said, ' Grandma are you checking up on me?'
'Not at all,' I said with my fingers crossed behind my back!

I remember one time when she arrived home from school earlier than her Mum expected and no one was home. It was winter and getting dark. Mum didn't answer her phone and so she phoned Grandma.
I phoned back and kept talking to her as she squatted down in the porch waiting for her Mum for half an hour or so.
Lots of happy memories but I have this regret... I never pushed her in her pram.
Silly or what...but I bought that pram, ME!!  And it cost a lot.. so when I am feeling old and crotchety I think to myself..
 I never pushed her in that pram!!



Julie said...

Awww bless you ... she's a very beautiful young lady who obviously loves you very much.
{{big hug}} x

Vickie said...

What a beautiful young lady your granddaughter is.

Lynda said...

Isn't it (not) funny how quickly time passes with our grandchildren and all of a sudden, they are too big for an activity?!!! She is beautiful and obviously a very talented and sweet young lady. So glad you have such great memories.

Yekaterina Haussler said...

Hi Chris,
Your granddaughter is beautiful! - and talented.
As for regret (looking for something intelligent but not too "clinical" to say) - ah, we all have them. You were there for her, and you still are. You may still have your chance to push her. :)

Chris said...
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Leslie: said...

I understand totally about that "silly regret." My daughter and her family live only about 30 minutes from me, but in another city, so the kids go to school there, my daughter works in downtown Vancouver and I hardly ever get to see any of them. But I am looking forward to having six-year-old Eden for almost a week in July.

Jay said...

Lovely memories you have though, I bet you held & cuddled her plenty , the pram doesn't matter!

aimee said...

Time passes so very quickly when you're a grandparent--or so it seems. Our oldest is turning 21 soon and getting married this year; our youngest is 5 and starting school.
Your granddaughter is beautiful. Lovely, lovely photos!