Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A very satisfying finish!

This is the wedding sampler for my son Simon and his fiance Tracy, the wedding is this coming Friday so we are looking forward to a great family party.
We are all sorted I think!!!! Such a lot to think of plus we have to have clothes for the whole weekend as we are all meeting up on Saturday and possibly Sunday.
Its not a very good photograph but when I used my flash I kept getting the reflected flash in the glass, so this was taken in our conservatory, The frame is from Genesis frames and I would recommend them as there was everything you needed to frame your work, including the backing, so I think a good bargain.
I just have to sew some new feathers on to my hat to match my outfit which I had made for my own wedding back in 2006, it is a proper wedding hat, very big! I am looking forward to the whole weekend.
I didn't really enjoy the wedding we went to two weekends ago, we had to stand around in the hot sun for three hours between the short ceremony and the meal, which was awful. Meeting my DH family was awful too, thank goodness we don't have anything to do with them, as I wouldn't want to meet them again. It was a relief to escape!
Simon and Tracy have tried so hard to make this a good day for every one and the food has been discussed with us as being suitable plus all the extras they have planned, no expense has been spared. There is to be cups of tea and cake later in the afternoon and they have scoured charity shops for sets of delicate tea cups and saucers with matching plates and taken all we have as well. They are determined to make it a good day for everyone.
And this is my progress on my houses, called 'Golden Gate Avenue.' I love this more than anything I have stitched for an age. I just so love it I could stitch all day and all night (and I do if I can!)
And I realised that we saw houses like these in a suburb of Sans Francisco when we took a wrong turning coming off the Golden Gate Bridge! They were absolutely fabulous with sprinklers on the front lawns that looked like green velvet and beautiful gardens fronting the houses. It was just like I thought America would look. We drove around trying to find our way to where we were supposed to be with out realising that the houses were just there,  and we didn't see any others like it at all, which was so disappointing.  A good reason to go back, anyone want to invite us to stay??  LOL


Carolyn NC said...

Love the wedding finish - lovely! Nice progress on your house. Good luck with all the celebrations - hope it's a wonderful day!

Lesleyanne said...

Hope the wedding goes well. Your finish is gorgeous. Lovely new start.

Lynn Bourke said...

A gorgeous wedding design! Hope you all have a wonderful day...

Justflo said...

Lovely finish. Hope you have good weather for the Special Day.

Interesting new start.
Happy stitching.

Julie said...

Hope all goes well at the weekend and the happy couple have many wonderful years of marriage. The sampler is beautiful.

Karan said...

What a beautiful wedding sampler. Hope the weather is kind & you all have a fabulous time at the wedding. :0)
Great start on the WIP. A nice reminder of a fab holiday. And thanks for the link to the framers. :0)