Thursday, 15 April 2010

Aaahhhh Spring flowers!

In spite of me planting these just a few days before Christmas they are all up and blooming wonderful!
 I am amazed that the violas in the old chimney have survived being under all that snow for days and days.

These tulips are so pretty and are quite a few years old as I lift them after they have finished flowering each year.
The white daffodils are new. I couldn't resist them when I saw them at the garden centre  last Autumn. They made me think of the wild ones that grew in a favourite picnic spot when I was young. Peeping behind them you can just see some primroses, we have quite a few clumps in our small garden.
Just off the patio area is our small lawn divided in two by the brick path that Mike put down a couple of years ago. At the moment half fenced off to keep Nell off, however we watch her from the conservatory as she cleverly jumps over it!
The garden although small keeps me occupied and happy, what could be more uplifting than a garden full of flowers. I have a selection of seeds planted ready for the summer. Cleome, cosmos, antirrhinums,  rudbeckia, petunias, and geraniums as all mine died in the unheated greenhouse last winter, when the temperatures dropped some nights to well below freezing point. It is so nice to have sunshine again, it seemed a long way off when the snow was around.


Barb said...

Just so pretty Chris ,blimey we must have been typing at the same time as I have just replied to your previous post lol.

Parsley said...

Lovely. Even a small area of flowers or plants can be such sweet therapy. Stitching does that too.

I just bought some striped petunias. They look like circus flowers!

Julie said...

So lovely to see the spring bulbs up and blooming, yours are very pretty

In answer to your question about Clare's meet up - yes i will be there.

Lesleyanne said...

Your flowers are gorgeous.

Kathy A. said...

Oh how pretty. Spring has arrived on your blog. Makes me think I should wander back home to Canada. LOL. That's why my spare room is full of boxes

Leslie: said...

It all looks so pretty! We went to the nursery today and bought two types of lilies and some other type of flower that will grow tall and we can pick them. Also, a trellis to put against the chimney so the roses have something to latch onto instead of leaning in towards the sun. It's starting to warm up here now and I think Spring has finally sprung!

Karan said...

A beautiful display in your garden Chris. :0)

Lindsay said...

Beautiful flowers Chris