Monday, 1 July 2019

Just filling my time doing what I love.

I knittted quite a few of these little mice a while ago, but when I started the other evening I thought the pattern for the shoes and legs quite difficult. But got them done.
 Love that little mousie nose
 And the pretty dresses.. I don't know if I 'll use one of these which I did last year, I bought a few patterns, so I might try something different.
If you'd like to try one of these,  the patterns are sold on Ravelry and on her blog and are by the very talented Julie Williams  Her blog is beautiful as she is also a very talented photographer. Also she is very generous with her explanations, if you ever get stuck.



Julie said...

Julie has so many lovely things she has designed. Looking forward to seeing your little mouse come to life. I'm sure I remember you making a bunny as well?
Love and blessings

mamasmercantile said...


Maggie said...

So cute! I've seen Julie's patterns before, they are all so lovely and very detailed