Saturday, 15 June 2019

At last in their place

I must apologise to my followers for being absent for so long.. but here I am at last.
My sweet pea throw and the two cushions.
One design is the woodland ripple and the other cup cake design, but done in double crochet not triple, as I like the tighter look of the stitches. Here they are on the summer house settee. 

And because I had some yarn left over I decided to make a knee throw.. I did buy extra yarn because I thought it didn't look balanced,  colour wise. Fortunately for me my local yarn shop sells it and only 20p more than Wool Warehouse..
… but I could have gone on and on with this as it is such a soothing design, 2 rows double crochet and 2 rows of groups of 3 double crochet, skipping 2 stitches in between. And while I 'm crocheting I can't eat,  so I keep to my food plan to lose weight, which is very slow at the moment so I have been trying to walk. 
This morning I walked a fair way with my wheels in Halesworth in the very pleasant sunshine, hasn't  it rained and rained? Hope you were in the dry and were like us pleased to see the thirsty garden drinking it up.
I am now getting back to some quilting, which I can now do with this duff arm! What are you doing craft wise at the moment?


Jackie's Stitches said...

Love your crochet - the colors you chose are wonderful!

I'm slowly doing some quilting too. Started out sewing squares together. I think all my WIPs are complicated or slow going and I just need to SEW to get my mojo back.

Vickie said...

Every single one of these pieces are gorgeous Chris! I am still cross stitching. :) Good for you walking. Every little bit helps. That has been the key to me keeping weight off.

Hooks and Needles said...

Your blankets and cushions look great Chris, well done on finishing them. I've heard others talk about the 'knit to quit' habit, albeit 'crochet to quit.' I do think the knit to quit has a better ring to it. Whatever you choose to do or call it, all the best. Yes I agree, we have had too much rain. Cathy x

Yarrow said...

What beautiful colours, so summery and floral <3

mamasmercantile said...

Beautiful projects and such lovely colours. It was a joy to visit and read that all is well with you. The rain seems never ending at the moment.

Julie said...

Very bright and colourful, they are lovely