Wednesday, 19 June 2019

I can't decide ...

….what to do At the moment I am loath to undo so much. I always sew my ends into the work and then back to the edge and then these are hidden by the border... so all those will be quite tight.. I'm thinking I might undo the border, 2 rows of dbl crochet, mark out the excess and the machine through the throw two or three times and then cut off the excess. Would that work I wonder? I haven't done anything today as we were wake for two hours in the night with the storm, so too tired to do anything.
The best of the storm was, we had tea and biscuits and the dog at just after 2:00am and then we read our books, but gosh we are both very tired today!



Hooks and Needles said...

It's entirely up to you of course Chris but seriously, if it's spread out over a sofa, a bed or a chair - does it really show?
I did ask people at Knit & Natter about your dilemma and apart from one lady suggesting unpicking the narrower end - which is probably the beginning - and adding a wider beginning (I can't get my head round that option as stitches won't line up), just leaving it as is and enjoying it. Cathy x

mamasmercantile said...

Not sure Chris, maybe try looking for a youtube video that would help.

Julie said...

I vote you leave it and if you really cant cope with it yourself, why not give it away to a local care home, they would be grateful for it for the residents. Our knit group have given away many knitted or crocheted lap blankets. They get laundered so often they are grateful for any that people donate.
love and blessings. xx