Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A bountiful and fruitful harvest

We eventually picked 59 pounds of damsons from that little Woolworth's tree bought 5 years ago.
So we have wine nurdling under the stairs (two demi johns!) plus damson cheese (jam) and stewed damsons and frozen damsons too!

As well as that today, I have been very busy processing green tomatoes. Mike picked what was in the allotment which was 21 pounds!! So I have made two different types of chutneys plus some green tomato marmalade which I had never heard of but found the recipe on the internet.
Mike did some pickled green tomatoes so once again our pantry shelves are full of home made produce.

Having cooked all day and I have just  cleared up in the kitchen, I think I will sleep well tonight!
It's been a good day and we have enjoyed chopping up the fruit and measuring and weighing everything together.
At least we will have plenty of chutney for all that cold meat at christmas time!
Thinking of Christmas, we will soon be making our christmas cakes!


Esther said...

Yumm sounds like a great haul !

We got five damsons off our tree ! It's only wee still and there were more but someone or something took/eat them before I got to picking them. The five were mostly finished off by the small one (2 1/2), who then left teeth marks in the tomatoes I had picked and proceeded to tell me it wasn't him it was the dinosaurs !

amelia said...

Is 'nurdling' a typo or a real word????? :)

I've known a few winemakers but I've never heard that word before!! Maybe I can still learn something at my ripe old age!!

I'm very jealous of your damson wine. I used to love fruit wines when I lived in England but I've never seen them here.

Katya said...

Mmmm... Looks yummy...
What does a damsuon tree look like?

Angela said...

Those shelves must be groaning, you've certainly been busy.

I used to make a traditional Xmas cake but as it was still being eaten at Easter I stopped. I now make a chocolate Xmas cake about a week before Xmas and it is usually gone before New Year.

Anyway Xmas preparation doesn't start until 1st October, the day after the last family birthday of the year!!

Claire said...

Sound's like fun.I wouldn't know where to start though.Enjoy eatting it.

Carolyn NC said...

Sound yummjy1

Julie said...

It's that time of year when cooking, bottling, freezing etc takes up so much time, but well worth all the effort when you can enjoy the fruits of your labour in months to come.

Karan said...

I do love to see all this home made produce. We lost most of our ripe blueberries to a greedy pigeon! Next year I'll be quicker off the mark when it comes to picking the ripe berries. LOL It's great to see all your projects growing too... at least with this type of catch up I get to see them grow really quickly. LOL :0)