Sunday, 12 September 2010

A week away in Norfolk

We spent last week in Sheringham, Norfolk and it was a truely lovely week.
Sheringham is a pretty little town with lots of small shops and a lot of fish and chip shops and of course Italian ice-cream!
I think I have put on pounds!
We mooched around the town several days and I bought some very pretty mugs and fudge! Which is my favourite. LOL

One very sunny day we sat and watch the sea front activities and the sea
Then ate a pub lunch outside which was delicious, except DH nearly didn't have his, as we had Nell with us under the table.
We were both slightly distracted and suddenly she popped up between Mike's legs and nearly had his crab salad off his plate. It caused quite a ripple of laughter from fellow diners!
This is the theatre which has a very active rep. We might have gone if the weather was poor but it was much too nice to stay inside.

We stayed in a very comfortable and well equiped house which wasn't too far from the main high street so easy to walk into and back eating an ice cream One day I had vanilla and turkish delight, absolutely delicious. Why do all the most yummy things have so many calories??? LOL

Most mornings we had coffee in a little promanade cafe and then after a walk around, lunch back in the garden of the house where we stayed.
When we didn't go out in the evenings I stitched,so my 'ABC' and my 'Golden Gate Houses' so both  have made progress...will show these on another day.

HMS Ganges Navy training Base
Driving back to Essex we stopped at Shotley Gate a small village on the river Orwell which is where Mike first went as a 15 year old in the Navy. We had a super two hours, as there was a museum there with a lot of memorabilia of HMS Ganges which is what the base was called. We met some one who was on one of Mikes Fleet Air Arm Squadrons in the early  1970's and athough they didn't recognise each other, well it was over 35 years ago, they did remember each other. They were both excited to see some one they knew from such a long time ago. Photos were taken and email addys swapped. I loved seeing it all through Mike's eyes. There were all the different unbiforms he wore and photos of their mess huts and rooms. It made his day going back there, first time he has and like a lot of us going back to some where when we were younger, he thought it all looked smaller. A great day for him and me.

Now we are back here in Billericay and tomorrow the carpet cleaner arrives and an aerial man to fit a new aerial.The bath was repaired before we went away so we are slowly getting sorted here and it is beginning to look like home again, after four years of being rented out.


Parsley said...

I just know I'd love to visit this town. So cute and if it has sweets and fudge...I'm set!

Leslie: said...

It's always nice to get away and I'm a bit envious as our summer was not a good one this year. But we'll have next.

Lesleyanne said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic week. Can't wait to see your progress. I bet your husband loved looking back at the time when he was in the Navy. How lovely to meet someone he knew.

Julie said...

A very lovely place to visit, i've been there quite a few times, sounds like you had a wonderful week.

Turkish delight ice-cream -OMG how wonderful, i think i would have passed by that seller every day just to get a fix of my favourite LOL

Justflo said...

Lovely photos. Looks good weather. Glad you enjoyed.

amelia said...

Are those California poppies on your header? It's such a lovely picture, so bright and cheerful, I'd like to have it hanging in my house!!

If I lived anywhere in Britain I'd be twice my present size which is not very small to begin with!! When we used to go back to visit, we would live off pub food and fish and chips!! Those pounds never left and are still with us now, plus a few from here!!!

I have never been to Norfolk but it looks like a wonderful place to be!!!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Sounds like you had a lovely week and some good weather! A

Tina said...

Sounds like you had a lovely week,and turkish delight ice-cream wow have never seen that flavour before,worth going to visit even if just for ice-cream.
Looking forward to seeing you at the meet-up,make sure you bring your wips

stitcheranon said...

I am a Norfolker through and through. Up from Sheringham is Cromer: home of the crab lol.
I often took my children camping in Cromer and Sheringham even though we did not live far away and what can I say. You have brought a tear to the eye cus I really do miss it, even though I live in a different peice of heaven on earth now. Thank you for sharing.

Karan said...

Sounds like you had a lovely holiday. My Dad used to love going to the REME meet ups, meeting old buddies & talking about what they used to get up to. :0)