Monday, 20 September 2010

Autumn Days

I had a walk around the garden this morning just talking photos of the last signs of summer.
I love the nasturtiums they always bloom right up to the frosts so do the rudbeckia. The one shown here is a seedling that wasn't transplanted and has flowered small still in the seed tray . The sunflower seeded itself from the bird seed; mine have long flowered and the seed heads are all hanging there now for the birds. And these are just some of the last of our tomatoes in the green house, although we still have loads outside and have picked about 16 pounds already.
DH has already made some chutney and I shall make more before the weekend.
My favourite lunch is fried tomatoes on toast with smoked bacon!
It seems tomatoes are supposed to be good for your skin so with  the number I am eating I am expecting to go back in time to have skin of a twenty year old!
I am still writing and spent a lot of sunday printing off stories and I finished off my writing course assignment for this month.
Here they are all ready to post and in fact they are at this minute winging their way to various magazines!
Watch out  JKR here I come!! LOL
Lots to do this afternoon I am having a card making session as the ribbons I ordered have arrived.

They look so lovely I could look at them all day and not do anthing with them!

And from my bimble round the garden early this morning I picked these...
And these have put me in the best of moods all day, so I have cleaned and tidy and done a load of washing and the house looks as though it has been cleaned, I feel we look swish!
Happy days all... tra-la-la-la-la I am singing my way through the day!


Sue said...

Good luck with the stories Chris, I hope that someone out there realises how good you are. Love the ribbons they are very pretty, I still have a lot in my sewing box though Lily keeps taking them for her hair, lol

love Sue xx

Julie said...

Enjoy the card making and good luck with having a story published in one of the magazines.

See you at the meet up xx

Lesleyanne said...

Your photos are lovely as is your post.

Lula said...

Just a quick thanks for the lovely piccies on this post. I'm enjoying our red virginia creeper this autumn

Lucy x

Winifred said...

Love your photos. You've been a busy bee, you're making me feel guilty about all that work you've done. Not so guilty that I'm going to do much about it though!!!!

Claire said...

Great photo's and a lovely happy post :0).

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

I have mixed feelings about the end of summer; your pictures are lovely. I didn't know that tomatoes are good for the skin but I do eat plenty anyway. You certainly seem in a happy mood.

Snowbrush said...

I'm from the American South, and had no idea that people fried tomatoes in England. They don't even fry them here in Oregon in the Pacific Northwest. You are a bit north of Oregon, and Oregon is north of where I am from near the Gulf of Mexico. This means that your days are even shorter in winter than mine. I don't know you stand it. Of course, it could be worse--you could live even farther north.

Hazel said...

Oh Chris I have a massive apology to make. I always thought I was a follower of your blog and just thought you were being quiet!! I realised when you left me a comment and I clicked on your blog that I wasn't a follower but I am now! Silly me. Please forgive me. I'll see you at Nuneaten and you can beat me with Julie's Mr Stick lol. xx

mrsnesbitt said...

I love grilled tomatoes on toast with brown sauce. Must be well done though! Hmmmm a tad hungry now!