Thursday, 26 August 2010


All the stitching is finished on my Golden Gate Houses I just have the back stitching to do now. I know some stitchers don't like this but when it is just around outlines I think it is easy to do.
I still love this picture and intend  to get it  framed when it is finished completely.
I had a break from it and stitched a bit more of this which is easy and so relaxing.
And now some of my patch work... this  is not easy at all and my unpicker was very busy indeed.
I find every part of this difficult to do, the cutting out of the pieces,( I first had to make the templates in card from the pattern in the magazine) Sewing it to get the points 'pointy' and matched up to other pieces with all seams just 1/4"
It is not going to beat me even though cutting out and sewing each of these blocks took an afternoon each!

I have completed the next and last RR that is Jaclynn's Teddy Bears so I feel I am way ahead. I didn't start the Blackbird Willow House as I thought it would be nice to start with it, new next month.

As well as my cross stitching and sewing  I have managed to write three short stories and complete my Assignment for my Writing Course, this last week, so busy all the time.

The weather has been awful!
Rain, rain and more rain here, we need the sun to ripen about 40 pounds +++ of tomatoes, as this year I have 72 plants! Some in the green house, some in the veg patch and the rest at the allotment. However the rain  is swelling the courgettes and marrows, which we always have a boundiful supply, but my DH has added chopped ones to curry and some to spag. bol so they are going down slowly!

Hope all's well in your worlds.



amelia said...

That Golden Gate stitching is just unbelievable!!! In my lifetime I could never do anything like this, you truly are very, very talented and obviously have a gift!!!
Even the other one that you say is easy would take me the rest of my life to do!!

Lesleyanne said...

Your Golden Gates is gorgeous. Your wip is lovely too. I could never quilt so congratulations.

Carolyn NC said...

I love, love your Golden Gate Houses! And your stitching is beautiful! Hope your weather improves. :)

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Your Golden Gate Houses are going to be MAGNIFICENT!!! So gorgeous!

Tina said...

Wow,smokin needles,that was quick,Golden Gates looks lovely and love the progress on abc,love the colours you have chosen,i want to do this but undecided on colours.
Would love to have a go at quilting but wouldn't know where to start.
Tina x

Julie said...

Golden Gate Houses looks really pretty.

Well done on the quilting, it looks spectacular