Saturday, 15 August 2009

Another PIF present and just look at it!

This is the amazing gift I received from Hazel, its so beautifully finished and such lovely colours. How clever you are Hazel and thank you so much.
The ribbon ties it together.

And when you open it, inside is my initial and I my star sign. This is the pin cushion-y bit and then on the other side is the needle keep.. What a clever idea of how to finish it.. I might just use this idea myself.

Just look at the pins and hearts all colour coordinated!I love it and it couldn't have come at a better time as life here has been pretty awful this week.

So thank you Hazel I am doubly blessed with your beautiful gift, God is truly good!

And of course I am passing on the PIF So it will be my PIF #2

This will run to the 29th August.. Cath, Strawberry Jam Ann, Elisa, Lindylou and Leslie have asked to be in the draw for PIF#1 and this will be drawn on the 22nd.. I am going to have so many happy hours stitching over the next few months I can't wait to start.
Love to all and thank you reading my blog!


Sue said...

what a gorgeous needle book Chris, so very pretty and after such a horrible week I'm sure that it's cheered you up. Please enter me for this PIF, I'd love a chance to receive some of your stitching....Sue x

Hazel said...

Glad you like it but its just a cherub not a star sign. Loved making it up for you Chris. x

Angela said...

It's beautiful. your so lucky.

Please enter me in your PIF.

Stitching Kath said...

thats lovely. hope life is getting better now you have a france trip to look forward to. dont forget to add your name to the list on the stitching weekend group.

Karan said...

Beautiful! Love the finishing & everything about this piece. Lucky you. :0)
Hope things improve very soon (((((hugs))))).

Carolyn NC said...


Michelle said...

Oh thats lovely - how lucky to receive such a lovely gift.
Love Michelle x

Julie said...

Beauutiful gift, so perfecrly stitched and finished.

Hope your week improves, there seems to be a lot of horridness around right now.