Saturday, 22 August 2009

Who is it????

This morning bleary eyed my DH picked out these names:- Strawberry Jam Ann, Lindylou and Leslie, so please send me your addresses and within the next 12 months you will receive some thing made by moi!! Everyone else's names will be included in PIF #2 which will be drawn next week... so my needle is itching to get going..

Meanwhile here is the sock I knitted, it was easy to do and I knitted it in two evenings. I got the wool and pattern from Doesn't it knit up prettily so clever that the variegated wool makes stripes!

I shall be knitting the other as I want them as a Christmas pressie for my friend. And then probably do more, its just I have had a lot of cross stitching to do and two exchanges are ready for the post as I spent the best part of yesterday finishing them off. My blogoversay for Kathy needs just one more thing to be finished so I am a busy little bee!
WIPs have been put to one side to get all these smalls finished but next month we have a weeks holiday and so I will have smoking needles!!

PS I would love if someone could mail me with how to put in links as I would have loved to have done one for Gayes Socks.(If you can I would appreciate baby computer talk!! LOL)


Michelle said...

Oh Chris - I love your socks. I could only ever manage scarfs when I tried my hand at knitting!
Love Michelle x

Maddy*Moo said...

Hi Chris As you're on Blogger, simply highlight the word/phrase you want to link, the top bar of the post thing has a little green/blue circle (representing the world) which has a paper clip on the top, click that and it comes up with a box, simply type in the address you want to link it to and click save. Hope this helps!

BTW great sock! Lovely colours!

Kathy A. said...

Morning Chris! Love those socks. How clever of the wool to make stripes.

Winifred said...

The socks are lovely. I hadn't realised people are knitting socks again until I started blogging.

What kind of wool is it? Great how the stripes work out and the colours are great. Very clever not having any joins.

Chris said...

Thank you for the help, especially Sue who mailed me Its worked!!
I love the sock wool and she has loads of colours.. if I got myself organised I'd make several pairs and one for myself!!
Thank you for all the comments too, great encouragement

Chris x

Sue said...

glad it worked Chris, it took me ages to fathom it out when I first had my blog but then you find it's easy. Love the socks, lovely colours.

Sue x

Leslie: said...

Whoo-Whee! Just emailed you with thanks!

Julie said...

Cool sock, thanks for the link to the site, will have to go have a browse.

Carolyn NC said...

Love the sock!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Love the sock - such pretty colours. Thrilled to have been a winner, thank you Chris. I will email my address and then wait for the post! A x

Karan said...

Congratulations to the PIF winners. :0)
Such a pretty sock - lovely colours. :0)