Friday, 22 February 2019

Thinking Day

I was a Guide as a girl and then became a Guide Leader.
On this day 22nd February we lit  a candle and thought about all the Guides and Scouts from all over the world. This date was chosen as it was the birth date of Baden Powell who started the scouting movement and his wife who started guiding

I loved it and was very disappointed when my daughter said she didn't.. She wasn't in the company I ran, so I said she could try my company but she wasn't to call me 'mum' but always 'Captain' and she did, except one night after she had been with me for months, she inadvertently said 'mum.' The other girls were so surprised that she was my daughter and we all laughed about it. She loved everything we did especially camping, which even my younger sons came to  until they were old enough to join scouts. At one point in my life Guiding was a big part of my life and my children. Sad to think that the other two Guiders who I camped with have both passed away.. but I have some very happy memories of the joy of those days and the singing round camp fires. I still remember those songs. 

Happy Days. 



Sue said...

So happy your daughter joined your group or she might have missed out on such great experience, this really says what a great leader you were. You may never know how many young lives you influenced.
Thank you for sharing.

mamasmercantile said...

What a coincidence, I was a guider too and Brown Owl to my own three daughters. It certainly brings back some wonderful memories.

Winifred said...

That's lovely Chris. I enjoyed being in the guides and being a leader too but once I had children & moved I lost it. My son loved scouts & he was a scout leader until he moved away & work & family life took over. His daughters enjoyed scouts too. Girls are allowed!!!!

As you say some lovey happy memories so pleased you enjoyed Thinking Day & are passing those memories on to others.

Vickie said...

I have to agree with everything Sue has said. I wonder if you got my email I sent you? I was thinking of you and your daughter. God bless you Chris.

Julie said...

Being in the brownies and guides really gave us all so much confidence to have a go at things, I loved my time being part of the movement both as a member and a leader.