Friday, 8 February 2019

A prize!!

I've just had a message to say I've  won this cross stitch kit! Isn't it lovely, just what I need to get back into stitching. I do have WIPs but they are all quite large,  so this little stitch will be just the right size; I am temped to buy a new scissors to go with it. 
It's from a FB stitching group, which I 've only been in a few months, so I am delighted.
Have you ever won a give away?



mamasmercantile said...

How lovely. Yes I have won a giveaway twice actually. Once for yarn and once for books. ell done.

Vickie said...

Oh how pretty! Yes, do you remember the patchwork pincushion you made me? It is on display right now on my new corner shelf. And you also gave me a quilted needlecase with berry pins and a quilted fan zip up purse and angel scissors ALL IN PINK!! Now that is a giveaway to remember! Thank you my dear friend!!

Sue said...

Very pretty, I keep saying i am going to get back to cross stitching, but just haven't found the time with the holidays. I even bought a kit, maybe soon, enjoy!

Julie said...

What a lovely win, its beautiful. Looking forward to seeing it all stitched up. It's so wonderful that you can enjoy your hobbies again.
love and blessings xx