Sunday, 10 December 2017

A Weekend Away, but Hairy Scary Journey Home.

We have had a good weekend, lovely to see DH's girls, they were 16 when we married, so we had some air clearing moments at first, but now young women. #2 twin's bump is a nice round shape and she looked well. Looking forward to finishing work in two weeks.  The baby is due January.. #1 Twin's engagement ring is very pretty and they have been looking for wedding venues in 2019. Some are booked up already! She loved the picture we gave them as an engagement present, it was a print of a Sarah Reilly water colour, two cute little rabbits sitting heads together staring at the stars, I liked it myself! Sarah Reilly is a Suffolk artist and I bought it from a shop in Halesworth called, ' Pretty Things' (It does have some very pretty things) We'd all met up for a family get together, planned and organised by twin 2.. nice to see everyone, we were 11 altogether. The meal was so so, we've had better. The veg wasn't al dente, it was raw! I complained and they brought us more, but just as bad. It was nice to chat to everyone. 
But our journey home was horrendous; we woke to a winter wonderland.. left at 8 and then inched our way in second gear to the M6, only 5 miles, but it  took us 40 mins.. then we sat on the A14 for hours.. we got to the new McDonalds where we had planned coffee and a shared wrap for breakfast, but as it was gone 1:00pm we had a burger and chips, under these circumstances the diet went out the window, would you blame us?.. very slippery in the car park, there were people pushing cars and lorries parked in the driveway and stuck, quite hairy scary!! We were very glad we had bought the more expensive all season tyres last year, as the grip was great.. DH helped push a couple of cars with other men, one just stuck and it was a BMW, but our trusty Clio was there out in front.
It took us just over 8 hours to get home.. we were so relieved. No snow here but bitterly cold.
How is the weather where you live?


Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Lovely to read that you had a good weekend. Thankfully you arrived home safe and sound.

Mrs Tiggywinkle said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - I thought I'd hop over and leave reply here as well as there. I'm sorry you had such an horrendous journey home but glad that you got to see Shropshire in the snow because it is so beautiful. Fab news about your arm and shoulder - hooray for 21st century medical knowledge! x