Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A Quilt for my grown up Grandson...

Remember these?  
Now they are this!!!
My grandson wanted woodland colours and kind of camouflage and I think you'll agree it is!
I hand sewed all the piecing and thoroughly enjoyed sewing it

It is very satisfying and quite soothing hand sewing the pieces together.
I did a lot sitting outside in the garden in the beautiful weather.

The quilting is machined and I have just cross hatched diagonally across the blocks and through the middles and then in the ditch around the sashing.
And having watched a utube on quilt binding several times I have at last got the hang of perfecting the mitred corners, so I am really pleased with myself. 
He has seen it while I was still making it and likes it and is taking it to UNI with him after getting 3 'A' s.
I must thank everyone who wished me well last week, I don't think I have ever been so ill before, but am properly well now. Dh is relieved too as we both had a dreadful scare.


Jacqueline Morris said...

WOW!! I think its marvelous :)
Really earthy lovely colors, your grandson will love it and treasure it for a long time I am sure :)
Smiles :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris

What a beautiful finish and what a lucky grandson!
I think the colours are great.
Have a good week (:

Cath said...

Wow , that is gorgeous Chris , I'm sure your GS will love it .xxx

Vickie said...

Perfect work Chris! What a fabulous gift from Grandma.

Leslie: said...

I think this is the perfect gift for a uni-bound young man! Glad he likes it and you feel good about perfecting the corners.

Drora's minimundo said...

It's a beautiful quilt!
Hugs, Drora

blue star stitcher said...

Those aren't my favorite colors, but seeing them all together what a beautiful quilt!

Unknown said...

What fantastic colours, I love it. It is nice to see a macsaline(sp) looking quilt. Xx

gracie said...

What a nice quilt. The colors are perfect.

Julie said...

Good luck to your young man at Uni, his quilt looks wonderful.