Monday, 3 March 2014

Magazine disappointment x 3

I really wanted this issue if Simply Crochet because Lucy from Attic 24 had written an article in it.
My shop in town that has every magazine under the sun on its shelves, did not have a copy.
So I looked on line, all you bloggers who follow Lucy had been there before me and lots of places had sold out!!
But then I found a firm who had copies, so I duly paid the cost of the magazine  £4.99 and £2.45 postage. It arrived within two days and I couldn't wait to open it and read it.

#1  The lower page edges were damaged, they were warped as though had been kept in a damp place, so making it difficult to turn the pages as some were stuck together, plus there were holes in the packet in which the project, a crochet heart was and holes through to page 12! They looked old holes.
I emailed the company and complained, as there was nothing wrong with the heat sealed plastic envelope so I assumed it had been dispatched in that condition.
Of course the firm denied that they had sent me a damaged copy as you would expect. Although I was offered £2.50 when I bought some thing else from them? I will never buy anything from HULU again!

#2 The artcle by Lucy was great but.... they didn't show her blankets open to show her wonderful crochet work, although they were pretty in a folded pile. I would have liked to have seen them open. The ones open on the page were of other bloggers.

#3 I won't be buying Simply Crochet regularily. There wasn't any wonderful designs that took my fancy in fact all the designs were of things I had seen on line. Who wants lots of baked bean tins with crochet sleeves, or cushion covers with pompoms???  In fact the best thing I saw was a hexi blanket where the centres were flowers.. but unlike Lucy I don't have three small children to make blankets for and the ones I have made are enough for me. I might make a baby one if someone I know is expecting, although I think I would rather sew a patchwork quilt!
Here are the two crochet blankets I have made.. a wavy pattern...

and some grannies and rounds of treble.. so I am happy with just having these.

Happy days... I am knitting that cardigan and it is going to be my OPAM for March.

PS Get on over to Victoria motto shoppe as she is having a wonderful giveaway/


Yekaterina Haussler said...

Hi Chris,
So sad to learn about your disappointment. I am with you - many crochet - and even cross stitch- magazines are not worth buying regularly; most good patterns I can find online, and I'd rather pay "per pattern" to the designer and have the chart emailed. But- there is still something about the printed copy. How unpleasant it arrived damaged.
Your blankets are spectacular! I especially like the granny squares one.
Have a good day,

Vickie said...

Enjoy your cardigan knitting. Your blankets make me happy. =)

Marge said...

as you know I love those blankets you made. they are so pretty. that is sad the way the magazine came to you and I sure do not blame you for not doing business with them........ take care. love Marge

Beth said...

The crocheted blankets are beautiful Chris. Lovely colors

butterfly said...

Sorry about the mag Chris, do you ever crochet the blankets in lines , I would love make one but I don't know how many chains to make for a start .
The wave one looks great also.

Julie said...

How disappointing to receive faulty goods. I very rarely buy magazines now, I seem to find everything I need online or in my stash!
I love your bed blanket, it is so vibrant and colourful.

Mii Stitch said...

Sorry to read about the magazine :( However, I LOVE your blankets, they are absolutely FANTASTIC & BEAUTIFUL!!!

Joanne said...

I love your blankets, I'm in the process of making a lot of baby granny squares for a larger blanket. It is interesting what you said about Simply Crochet I was thinking of buying a copy but from what you said it doesn't sound suitable for what I want.