Sunday, 23 March 2014

Back to cross stitching and will this be my OPAM for March???

I started this quite a while ago, in fact so long ago I can't remember when!
It is a funny sort of fabric, like aida but softer.
When I bought it years and years ago I didn't really know a lot about cross stitch and relied on the girl in the shop to pick the colour threads. Well they were all wrong, I think she looked at the chart and just chose the colours from the picture.
Anyway when I pushed this to the bottom of my wips basket which was months ago, it was like this.
And I think I did a bit in January but didn't take any photos, and then I stopped to knit socks for my #2GS, and then the mitts for DD and 'LOVE' cross stitch for my lovely DH and then crochet shawl for me, which I have worn!!
So last night I stitched this and it looks like this now
So I am stitching the cat, which is really hard as the colours are all very similar.
But I will carry on till it is finished, although I am not enjoying the cat stitching!
Thank you for all the comments on my last post, you can't imagine the worry I had that I was losing my sight.
But I can see and all is well.
Thank you Lord!


Caz said...

Glad to read that your eyesight is okay. The cross stitch is looking good.

Vickie said...

Oh don't stop on this one. It is adorable.


keep on stitching the end result will be lovely, have a great week , sunny kisses from Rio, Alice

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Sarah in Stitches said...

Beautiful stitching! Hopefully this will be a quick finish and you can take it out of your WIP basket :D

Julie said...

It's a lovely coloured fabric you are working on.

SoCal Debbie said...

How nice that this beautiful cat can come to life with your needle now! It will be so pretty to look at when you finish! The fabric is so cheery!

butterfly said...

Looking great love the colours.

Mii Stitch said...

This is so sweet, I love the colours they are so vibrant!!