Saturday, 8 March 2014

'Craftiness' and gardening at last... yeh!!

No photos of my cardigan, it isn't quite finished I still have the bands to do, but horror of horrors, the sleeves are way too long!!
I know how to pull a thread and as the welts are garter stitch it wouldn't look out of place, but can I be bothered?
But on a plus my yarn has arrived to crochet a shawl.
Dare I start this??? I might just try a bit of the pattern, as I have had a practice with some old yarn.
I had some help but I can now crochet following a chart!
And the sun has been shining and when it does my mind turns to gardening.
I washed some pots ready to pot on some plugs and plant some seeds.
The plugs are for my hanging basket and are plants I don't usually grow from seeds.
And a whole lot of gazanias.
For my basket, some trailing petunias, and a couple of diacia, a trailing fuchsia and a brachycome.
Yesterday I weeded a flower bed, which borders the path, so I am pleased. It was so nice to see it looking clear and freshly dug this morning. Truly several  blessings to pop in my Blessings jar!

Hope the weather has improved with you too, it was lovely yesterday to see the sun and we sat out on our bench for our morning coffee, temperature got up to 15°C
 Spring has sprung, hurrah!!!

Welcome to my new followers, I am gradually getting to the blogs of all followers but sadly some have stopping blogging. I often wonder why, were they too busy, an illness or a family crisis?
Perhaps they'll start again some day.

Happy day for you all today.


Jo@awholeplotoflove said...

Wool & gardening you can't beat it. I'm planning on knitting a shawl this year, I have found a nice easy pattern so I'm going to give it a go. Perhaps when I finish my crochet blanket. I haven't thought about my hanging baskets yet, we have a nice little farm shop close by with a small nursery at the back, I think I shall take myself for a nosey next month. Have a good week.

Caz said...

I have knitted shawls,, still yet to get to grips with crochet. I have not long learned how to read a knitting chart. Are you on Ravelry?, the site for knitters and crocheters.

Vickie said...

Oh Chris! Don't give up on the cardigan. You should shorten your sleeves. Won't that drive you mad to leave them? I am glad you can begin so many plants.

Marge Hicks said...

Hi Chris. been reading your blog. you are keeping busy and I enjoy reading all you are doing and all.... have a good day .. love Marge

butterfly said...

Chris I have been doing the same it is hot here today I worked in the garden this morning and came inside having to cool down not use to this heat in March.
I hate it when l use to knit and find the sleeves were to long . You must be tempted to start your new one.
Enjoy your weekend in the sunshine.

Von said...

I'm new to your blog and enjoying it so much! Quite envious of your gardening efforts as we haven't had the weather for it yet. But soon we will! :)

Christina said...

I prefer to crochet or knit with a chart, it is so easy once you get the hang of it and particularly for crochet, there is no confusion with American vs british terms. I have for the first time ever sowed flowers and I am really exited because they have germinated. Maybe I will turn into a gardener one day... Have a lovely weekend. Cx

Annette-California said...

Yes please be bothered with taking the time in correcting the sleeves on your cardigan. It's so pretty. I don't knit but my mom did. She did make errors but she also corrected them. yes it takes some time but so worth it. Lovely plants for you garden. I need to visit to a nursery and get some plants too:)
love Annette

Maggie said...

Love the colour of that yarn :-)

Our garden is looking a bit careworn after all the rain we've had, but i will save my plant buying until we move into our new home :-)

Have a good week xx

The Creative Academic said...

Your garden looks fab already. I'm just getting started on ours. I'm so naughty I never think to wash out the pots before I start...I just hope for the best!

Julie said...

It's lovely to have a spot of sunshine and be able to think about plants and colour for the coming months.
Nice wool!

Catherine said...

It must feel so good to be in your gardens!