Friday, 15 October 2010

Such a busy bee!

Once I started this wavy crochet blanket I couldn't stop!!
Its for one of the cane chairs in my house in Essex. I absolutely love it and have been madly crocheting most evenings.
And I have stitched quite a bit of my ABC too,  I took this with me to stitch when I went to the Get Together of the Sampler's Guild group on Canvey Island. It was just 17 miles from my house and near where I used to work. The very tiny bit of stitching which is a corner of the next set of letters  is all I did there the whole day!!! We just chatted and laughed and it was a wonderful day. This group meets weekly so I shall certainly join them once we are there permanently.
And my Golden Gate Houses has had a little bit of  the back stitching done but not a lot, been too busy doing other things, I need more hours in the day!
And here is my Round Robin back. Its been to various places in England and to America and doesn't it look great. I am going to put a title on it and everyones names and then frame it.
So a very big thank you to Clare, Lynn, Jaclyn, Dusty and Tina. I love it!
I am off tomorrow to the Stitch and Stash Get Together at Nuneaton so I wonder will I get more done than I did at Canvey!
Hope you all have some thing nice to look forward to at the weekend too!


Kathy A. said...

Oh what wonderful things to see. Love your ripple afghan.

And your stitching - alphabet is gorgeous! I'm in love with your row houses!!! And your RR is just so wonderful!! What a lovely thing to have back home.

Lesleyanne said...

All your stitching and knitting is gorgeous.

Linda said...

You have been busy...I love your blanket, the colors are gorgeous...they are just happy colors. Have fun at you gathering tomorrow..I love stitch get-togethers...but I spend way too much time chatting..hugs, Linda

Janaina said...

I love your ripple too... You know, I'm having a hard time managing to crochet. I know a few os the basic stitches already and YouTube is really helpful, but it seems like I just can't control the tension of the material.
I bought both wool and thread and both are complicated to manage. I'm getting frustrated and upset. But lets try a bit more before giving up for the 11th time in my life, right? =(
So jealous on yor progress...

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

You have been busy with all those pieces of beautiful work on the go. Sounds like you are having fun though. A x

Julie said...

Your ripple looks wonderful. Lovely progress on your WIP's too.

We missed you yesterday, hope you are soon feeling better. {hugs}

Karan said...

Love the ripple throw. Lovely to see the WIP's developing & the RR looks fab. :0)