Sunday, 10 October 2010

Is it really Autumn???

Today the temperature soared to 21°C, it was so warm we drove with the windows open to see Mike's son and his wife Zena and little Carter who live in Surry.
We had a very tasty carvery meal at a pub, my pud which was cherry cheese cake was delicious. Diet out the window again.
Then we went to a local park for Carter to play on the swings and climbing frames. They are expecting a new arrival in April so that was some surprising good  news.
We had a lovely day, Nell was very good, poor love was left in her cage at their house and then only had a short time loose before she was back in her cage to drive back here to Billericay. 
We are back to Coventry tomorrow, its going to be very hard to leave here, but we will soon be back for Mike'a birthday as we have the show  Chicago booked in London.
I will be top stitching the border on my autumn throw as soon as we get back and I have lots of stitching to show!
Hope you all had this brilliant weather too over the weekend, trouble is if it goes cold now it will seem worse.


Neabear said...

I am also wondering if it is Autumn. I am not sure how warm 21 C degrees is for you, but here in California where we are it got up to 91 F. Too warm for October. Guess we are finally getting that warm summer we never got before. I hope this is the last warm weekend around here. I am so ready for Fall coolness.

Julie said...

A wonderful weekend with your family. Congrats on the news that you will be a granny again

Another lovely sunny day again today, hope you had a safe journey back to Coventry

See you on Saturday - only 5 more sleeps (as my daughter used to say when waiting for santa LOL)

Leslie: said...

We've had lovely weather lately, too, although it is cooling off a bit. The trees are showing some colour now and I'll be out walking with camera in hand soon. :D

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Yes Chris we have had some lovely days lately too. But if you look at my today's post you will see I am uncertain what season it is! A x