Saturday, 24 July 2010

Who am I ??

I have been asked to complete 15 random things about me so here goes!

1. After being over weight for over 20 years I am now seriously trying to lose it. I have no allusions about becoming a sylph like in under a year, just not over weight!

2. I really love my husband and wish it had been he I married the first time.

3. Our wedding anniversary is 29th July and this year we will have been married four years, our song was Elton John’s 'Your Song ' which my step daughters sang at our wedding which made me very emotional.

4. I have a degree in Education achieved in 1983 as a mature student which I loved doing, I never realised till then quite how ‘brainy’ (for want of a better word,) I was. Although I left school with 11 ‘O’ Levels.

5. I could have had an affair while I was in college but didn’t and don’t regret it, at that moment in time I was madly in love with my first husband

6. I have four children all grown and flown and three grand children.

7. I have travelled nearly around the world, just need to do the bit between Australia and America. I have been to all five continents, but now think my need to travel is over, although I want to go to Australia again and we plan to go next year.

8. The happiest days in my life were when my children were small and before they started school and when they said Mummy for the first time.

9. If I was to be asked what I regretted most in my life is not having a Mother, she died when I was two and my father remarried so I didn’t have a father either. Yes, I saw him but I lived with my Victorian grandmother and two maiden aunts. I really miss not having memories of a normal family. I always feel jealous of large families.

10. Becoming a teacher was just because I was at home with nothing to do, and I actually liked it very much. I was a nurse when I left school and still meet up with the other ‘girls’ who like me are now in their sixties and live all over the world.

11. I cry easily, sad books, sad films, or when I am happy, and then especially when they show the soldiers being brought back from Afghanistan and the cortege goes through Wotten Bassett, so sad.

12. I keep a journal and this now plays a part in my efforts to get published I write stories all the time and find it quite easy to think of something to write about. I send them off to Magazines so one day one might get published and of course I have a novel started!

13. I read all the time and never stop I always have loads of books stacked on my shelf ready to read

14. I cross stitch constantly, at every moment truth be told so I never really watch TV because I am always stitching

15. I seriously regret not keeping up with my piano playing and wonder if I still can.

And that’s me!


Gayle said...

So nice to get to know you. You have a full, rich life and many talents. Is'nt great to have so many friends in your stitching family.

Linda said...

How fun getting to know you, we have some things in common, the love of reading and stitching...hugs, Linda

Barb said...

Hi there Chris we certainly know you a little better now. Blimey 11 O levels, I didn't leave school with 1. I don't even recollect at our school having the option then .
Sounds as if you are a very clever and accomplished lady.
Thanks for the comment on my blog it is always nice when people drop in.