Tuesday, 27 July 2010

I am still stitching!!!

This is Lynn's Round Robin for Stitch & Stash, it is ready to post off at the end of the week, and I should be getting Jaclyn's from Dusty in US... who will be the last in  this RR.. Quite exciting when I  remember this started back in the new year.
And  I have stitched quite a bit now on my Golden Gate Houses, still lots to do all the back stitching and the trees which I keep leaving so I must have a good 'tree' session or this will be left!
But I am still enjoying this and love to stitch it, all the houses different colours make it look so pretty to me. 
And this is a freebee from gazette94
Lots of lovely free designs on her blog so well worth a look.

I am using 32C Belfast linen so a bit creased at the moment with just two colours. I love the way it is already looking good! 
I saw this on Gayle's blog who is such a busy lady wiith knitting, dressmaking, stitching, crochet and recipes... I felt a failure just reading all she did.
This is easy to stitch and so I am alternating it with my other stitching.
Hope everyone is enjoying the sunny weather like us although we have had some welcome rain for the garden in the last week, which was really needed.
Happy stitching all

It is my two year blogaversary today,,, I can't believe  I have been blogging all that time!


Carolyn NC said...

Awesome stitching!

Angela said...

Love the houses.

Like you I often check out the freebies on Gazette 94.

amelia said...

I feel like a failure seeing all you do!!! You should be proud. Just amazing stitching, I couldn't do it in a million years. I am in awe!!!

Cath said...

Happy Blogaversary , and love your stitching.
Thanks for popping over for visit and commenting .XXX

amelia said...

Chris, if you ever come here, you really do know where to stay. It would be a pleasure!!!

Sally said...

Loevly stitching Chris!

Julie said...

The RR piece is lovely, those butterflies are a good choice of design, i've never done a RR

The houses are looking great, such a mix of colours in that design

Nice new start, i seem to have fallen by the wayside with GM, its not been out for ages

Enjoyed reading the post below, am way behind with blog, been a busy few days

Justflo said...

Beautiful stitching. The houses look lovely.

Gazette 94 has some lovely designs.

Happy stitching to you.

Katya said...

Beautiful stitching, Chris! Thank you for joining my blog.
Happy Anniversary and blogaversary!

Karan said...

Can't believe how far behind I've got with your blog. Enjoying my catch up. :0)