Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Our Haven!

We were given quite a few Garden Vouchers when we married (nearly four years ago now) this was one of the roses we bought.Its called 'Wedding Day' and has spread along our fence. The scent from it is heavenly and it is lovely to sit in the garden with this around us reminding us of our lovely day.               Here is the garden struggling in the heat although DH waters each evening it could do with a big rain fall ( sorry all you sun lovers but we want rain!!)
And here is my basket with the serafina now flowering, it is beautiful and lots of people stop and look at it.
And our first carrots this year. Each year I plant the seeds in pots stood on bricks up above 60cms as the carrot fly can't fly that high!! I never get round to thinning them out enough to get  a good size so this time I patiently planted the seeds one by one in a smaller pot and these are the first we have pulled. We ate them sunday with our beef dinner and they were sweet and delicious!
Our garden is our haven and all the hard work is worth it to get it looking beautiful.

Hope everyone has a place they can call their Haven too!


Kathy A. said...

What an absolutely gorgeous garden. You and your DH have done a wonderful job.
Congrats on getting edible carrots this year.

Julie said...

Beautiful garden, those carrots looks sooo tasty. We are desperate for rain too, its hard work keep going up to the allotment to water the veggies.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

How pretty!!!
I love those "balls" with the stars on them...what are they? They are cute!
Those carrots look wonderful :)

Zoe said...

The garden is beautiful- what a lovely idea for a wedding present!!

Barb said...

Your garden is certainly a picture and I love that wedding day rose.
Oh the carrots look delicious, mil grew some potatoes in containers and has just harvested 5lbs in her first bucket.
Certainly a haven there Chris.

Chris said...

The 'balls' can have candles inside and then they shine out through the stars. A lovely present from my daughter for Mother's day a few years ago.


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Your garden looks beautiful Chris and the rose is lovely. Those carrots look delicious too. A

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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