Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A visit to the NEC

If you ever go to a NEC hobby craft exhibition be sure to watch out for the card makers tsunami with their trolleys! Wow they were everywhere! I didn’t need a trolley and I only bought a few things for card making; I enjoyed all the demos and watched with amazement as seemingly ordinary looking women produced cards with so many different elements and techniques that I felt my usual efforts of a bit of different piece coloured card trimmed with one of those crinkly scissors, a stick on pic.and a ribbon was paltry compared to what they were making. I wouldn’t have the patience to do so many things to produce just one card, nor the time.
This I chose with my Ladies Group birthdays in mind.

The beads are to make some more scissor fobs, the photo isn't good enough to see but they are pink, mauve and purple pearl beads, very pretty I thought.

And these rubber stamps just blew me away... cake cards are just me! They are not on a wooden base, but you stick them on the white card thing pictured behind the stamps. They then had them stuck on perspex but too costly for me so  I shall sort something out myself. And I couldn't not buy some double sided sticky tape always useful.  I bought with different needs in mind and am well pleased with my buys.
Now to get round to make the cards!!
                                            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I did succumb to one cross stitch kit, I saw it and thought. ‘oh yes,’ I must have that but didn’t buy it as I have an ever increasing stash and time is the element I fight for. It was when DH and I had spilt up and I was in the Sewing and Stitching area  by myself, that I saw it, which by that time my leg was saying... SIT down! I couldn’t find the way out and nearly resorted to sitting in front of a young chap demonstrating a sewing machine, which I don’t need as I have an all singing all dancing Husquarva. I found Mike and we found some seats which I really, really needed, walking round for nearly two hours had done my knee in! So chatting to him we decided to go back to look for the kit. I hadn’t made a note of the number of the stall, so I thought if we find it I am meant to buy it and here it is!
I love it but have decided not to start it until I have finished my Rose Swalwel ‘Winter’ design.
So watch this space I shall have smoking needles and making progress on it this coming week!

I did thoroughly enjoy the day and am looking forward to the August Quilting one when I might just get myself a trolley, fabric is much heavier than card making materials!!

This is a post script to my Awards post... how strange that some of those to whom I gave the award wouldn't take it because of viruses??? If like me you have paid (and quite a bit I might add)  for an anti-virus package, then no way could you get a virus from a posted picture.
Every few days when I go to log onto my blogs my anti-virus program pops up and tells me my blogs are  safe sites.
I shall chose my blog award friends even more carefully should there be a next time. I was very disappointed by some of the comments.
And for those of you who have had negative comments? Well you can't please everybody all of the time is my outlook on life.


Nic said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time at the NEC! I haven't been to one a hobby show there - I think I'm scarred by having spent so many years working for a company which exhibited there for trade shows and the Good Food Show - it's a very hard floor and lack of daylight for five days in a row is not good!

It's a shame people don't feel they can participate in a a bit of fun - the virus thing seems a bit odd. I know some people don't like to pass them on because it's caused bad feeling in the past - I do know some people can get very hurt if they feel left out of an "award" - but honestly, if anyone feels like that, they need to look at themselves...

Happy crafting with your new stash!

Chris said...

Thank you Nic! Nicely said!

Jane said...

Hi Chris
So glad you decided to go to the NEC, I know from Olympia what an obstacle the dreaded trollies can be and I think steel-toe boots next time for me! I'm going to show my DH your blog tonight for proof that men do go to craft shows and next time he can come and he can be the trolley!!!!
I'm sure I've also picked up that cross stitch kit in the past and then put it back down and forgotten where I saw it - I'm sure you'll enjoy stitching that one, it looks fun!

Lula said...

popping by to say hello

Julie said...

A nice way to spend a day out, looking forward to seeing updates of your new kit, its very nice.

Sue said...

Oooops, forgot all about posting my award but haven't been on blogger since you gave it to me, too busy knitting and gardening, but I'll sort it out soon.
I love the cupcake stamps, they are really nice and the new kit is one that I would have bought.

love Sue xx

Michelle said...

Hi Chris

Like me then you got ‘ankled’ by women and their trolleys at the NEC – they were everywhere weren’t they? I was a little saddened that the cross stitch part seems to get less and less every year but I did enjoy the day nonetheless. My feet were aching so much by the time I got home – a lovely warm bath and a nice glass of wine was just want the doctor ordered!

Chris, I hope I haven’t offended you with by not posting the blog award you so kindly gave me. A few years ago, where all these awards were quite new, I did accept one and there was some sort of virus on it – not the actual picture but the site it came from which somehow picked up my blog e-mail address and it did interfere with our system. My hubby is an IT guy and whilst it seemed ok – we were bombarded with e-mails from the actual site it came from which got through our anti-virus system which is now why I don’t post them. Chris I was so appreciative of the award from you I really was.

Take care Michelle x

Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like a great time was had, ankles and all! Love the kit and can't wait to see what cards you create!

Karan said...

Nice haul from the NEC - sounds like you had fun, despite the ankle whackers & knee problems.