Monday, 1 March 2010

St Davids Day Memories

Today its March 1st St David’s Day.. it holds some very happy memories of when I was little and I was dressed in a welsh costume for school. The morning was spent in singing and poetry reading and then we were given the afternoon off.

In the morning break time all the girls paraded around with our skirts swirling. I can remember untying and retying my black and white checked  shawl I loved it so much. I think my daffodil pinned to it looked a sorry state by lunchtime. I wonder how I kept the tall hat on but thinking about it, I would have had some very strong elastic holding it in place.

My Aunt made me the costume and I wore it originally with a long skirt and then as I grew it become a short skirt! But it was beautiful and the very full petties under it made it stick right out. I thought I was the ‘bees knees’ in it !

The boys of course came dressed as St David with shields and wooden swords and many a clash of swords could be heard throughout playtime. Happy times and memories, I sometimes wonder where all those little girls are today, well they’d be old like me for a start, but do they remember those times too with a fondness that could bring tears to their eyes, just like me?

I have got some photos of me somewhere, so I am just posting this to show the costume; this could have been me.

Anyone else have memories of school days of many years ago?


stitchersanon said...

I think it is a shame how we in the UK and ROI have let down the Patron Saints. We used to have a fantastic St. George's day when we were little. The whole week would be learning about the saint, making shields and swords and model dragons. On the day we would have a party in the afternoon
and do lots of different activities all linked to our saint and what he stood for. In Ireland of course St. Paddy (not patty like he is called in the USA..Irish saint so Irish name lol) just seems to be an excuse to get bladderred (drunk). My son is in a parade which ends with the adults in a pub and the kids outside throwing eggs at each other. Goodness knows how that started but it seems a shame that a religious saint just seems to be an excuse to drink too much!

Barb said...

I cannot remember (that far back Chris lol).I really cannot remember celebrating the saints days at all. My grandchildren seem to as they are at a church school. I do think that it is a shame though that we do not make as much out of Saints days. Happy St. Davids day to you anyway.

Lesleyanne said...

Happy St David's Day. I agree its a shame we don't celebrate anymore.

Carolyn NC said...

Love the memories!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Lovely to share your memories Chris, particularly of St David's Day. It all sounded a lovely way to celebrate the day and probably helped to instill patriotism. A pity we don't do similar in England for St. Georges Day. Well, at least we didn't used to. I shall have to think about schoolday memories and may even remember enough to do a post about it.

Happy St David's Day! A x

Julie said...

A beautiful memory you have shared with us Chris. I agree, we should celebrate our saints days more.

Claire said...

I enjoed reading about your happy school day's.

Michelle said...

Yes we don't celebrate as we ought to - I think we should have a public holiday on our Saints Days!
Lovely costume. Michelle x

Anonymous said...

I had a Welsh costume very much like that, except mine was a hand me down from my older sister and I had the cockle shell shaped hat. I always wanted the tall hat but never got one. Happy memories for sure!