Thursday, 11 March 2010

Spring has sprung!

There are definite signs of spring... at last.. I don’t think I have ever known such a long and very cold winter. For the first time ever I have worn jumpers and cardigans at home and my short-sleeved jumpers never saw the light of day until today! The sun has shone for several days although we have risen to a white frosted lawn for this last week and that chill was still in the air early morning.
Not that Nell noticed she raced out each morning chasing these little fellas! Although one could be a girl as we have watched high jinks in the trees with one chasing the other, so may be little ones around soon.

Here she is on squirrel watch! She is now one year old as her birthday was March 3rd. She still needs lots of training but compared to how she was even a few months ago, she has improved. Hasn't she got big, she weighs 19 pounds and quite a lump to carry. We are off to look at kennels next week as she will have to go into one for when we are away for my son's wedding end of April.
At ground level the snow drops are as white as white and the daffodils are showing buds. Thank the Lord spring has sprung!

On the stitching front I have nearly finished the Wedding Sampler for my son and his fiance, and will show this when it is framed.
I now have the dizzy delemma as to what to stitch next??? Such an array of charts and kits to chose from.  I think I will start that Winter design by Rose Swalwel and that little Flower one that Gaynor sent..
As well as those I will do my monthly bit to my Summer Celtic Lady and will stitch the next Round Robin which I think will be Clare's and coming all the way from Dusty in US. Jaclyn has stitched mine and I think it has been posted to Tina, so quite exciting to think my stitching will have gone half way round the world before it gets back to me late summer!

We have been extremely busy and have decorated our conservatory. This is quite a feat for us as we are not DIY people and so we are amazed and delighted as to how good it looks! Its a pale lemon and all the cracks from where it was new and settling have been expertly filled and sanded by me and DH has painted. So we are well pleased. Perhaps we might be tempted to do the hall stairs and landing although that does seem rather a lot for us!!!  LOL
Hope everyone else is feeling the full of zest and the joys of spring.
Happy Stitching all


Carolyn NC said...

Spring- what a beautiful word! Good luck with the next stitching project - love the choices!

Kathy A. said...

Im so happy for you that spring has finally arrived. Those snow drops are beautiful. Gld to here the renos went well and you are even thinking of more.

Katri said...

Lovely signs of spring! We have to wait quite some time to get there... spring has definately started, but it will first melt the snow :-)

stitchersanon said...

Yup..spring is here..things are in bud, flowers are starting with of course the lovely snowdrop, a miricle flower if ever there was one: time to start those cabbages off too lol

Claire said...

It seems a bit brighter here but still very cold.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely photos on this post. I will be glad when spring is here.

Connie said...

Love the little squirrel pic! Spring is arriving here and we are thrilled. I am not as brave as you - no spring clothes yet.

Michelle said...

Lovely photos - its wonderful knowing Spring is nearly here. Its been a long cold winter. Love Michelle x

Clare-Aimetu said...

Love the flowers,spring is here :)

It should be my RR coming to you.

Angela said...

Your right it has been a very long and cold winte.

It is so nice to at long last be seeing real signs of spring.

Julie said...

It's been nice and sunny here for the last few days, it certainly lifts the mood. We have a family of squirrels who love to play in the garden and steal the birds food!

Time to be out in the garden and planting veggies at the allotment.

BRD Girl said...

Please come pick up your Sunshine Blog Award from my post: - I always enjoy your creative and inspiring blog posts!


Linda said...

The past few days have been beautiful...very Spring like. I have several bunches of snow drops too and they are full of sweet blooms....I just love them. I hope to tidy up the front flower beds this weekend....hugs, Linda