Friday, 5 February 2010


I have been so busy this week stitching, making up, packing and posting!!
And  here they all are, all seven little parcels for my PIFs.. they have all been posted except for one because I am waiting for her to get back to me with her address. I had until August 2010 but because I have been rotating all my stitching and my WIPs I decided to get these done.

I am really pleased with them all so I do hope they will be liked, I shall post pictures when they have arrived at their destinations.

Because I finished my Bea SAL I wanted to start another really big design, I missed it!!LOL
So I am going to stitch Grand Marquoir as a SAL with Julie. I am still not sure what colour and Julie sent links to show the design stitched in all different colours but I think I like red and am thinking of 'crushed berries' HDF by Vikki Clayton.

Although when you look at all the options they do look rather nice and like Julie said, less chance of getting fed up with just one colour
As well as finishing off my PIFs I have completed piece for an exchange and have some other stitching ready to show on reveal day, Sunday,  for 'Travelling Stitcher' and my Blue Ribbon 'Between the Lines.'
I never thought I could rotate my stitching but I have and it works, except some I could stitch all the time like my Celtic Lady,the hand dyed fabric is so soft and the gold thread makes it look so special.

I have also knitted a pair of socks.
And am now knitting the rest of some of my stripy yarn with a contrast welt, heel and toe to use up that lovely striped yarn

Its just as well I don't work any more or I'd  be up all night doing all the things I like best!
The sun is shining today or at least it was this morning and our snow drops are flowering, I think this long, long winter is on its way out!


Sue said...

Now I know that it's a good day as I'd completely forgotten about your PIF and what a lovely surprise that will be. I love those pink socks, you have been so busy, you put me to shame. Good luck with your new SAL, I still keep having a go at Beatrix but I'm not in any rush to finish it at the moment, it's nice to have it there waiting for me.
love Sue xx

Karan said...

Looking forward to the reveals, to see what you've stitched for your lucky recipients & progress on TS & BTL. Will enjoy watching the Marquoir develop too, whatever your final thread/s choice is/are. Pretty socks & I love the new contrasting pair. I spotted snowdrops flowering in our garden earlier in the week too & I could have danced - Spring is nearly here! :0)

Lesleyanne said...

Can't wait to see your PIFs. All the GM's are lovely I'm sure yours will be too. Love the socks and new start.

stitcheranon said...

Wow, that is a lot of stitching. Lovely to see the snowdrops, I think the wet has killed mine, but you never know: nature can be resilient.

Linda said...

Oh you have been busy...doesn't it feel good to get all your PIF finished early?

I love your socks, the pink one are so pretty.

I'm waiting for my Snowdrops to blooms, yours are so pretty and after seeing them I can hardly wait for mine to flower...hugs, Linda

Sandra said...

Pretty snowdrops! I love the pink socks, they look so cosy. I'm looking forward to your Grand Marquior

Parsley said...

It took me a minute to get over my that Poison Ivy or Poison Oak there next to the blooms? My worst fear!

Always smiling said...

No Parsley it is not poison ivy but its just as bad as its bramble growing through from next door.. a right pesk and a continous pain!!
I laughed at your response!

Julie said...

What a haul of parcels, looks like Santas been to your house again.

The pink socks are superb, the new ones look fab too, i really need to learn to knit socks on 4 pins and not 2, how do you hold the pins and not get all ravelled up!

Fabric and thread all ready here to make a start on the Marquoir, might take it to the stitchy club this week and put the first stitch in.