Sunday, 14 February 2010

Just some silly romantic thing!

Valentine Day Pressies
Before we were married three years ago I gave my DH an ivy heart. I had shaped the heart out of a wire coat hanger and then placed it in a pot and grew ivy up over it.
Then the  next  year I gave him a hand made card with red velvet hearts.
Last year on Valentine's day we were in Melbourne I gave my DH a cross stitch heart which  I had stitched and packed before we left.
This year
I could have bought or made him a card  but would that be a real something from me?? 
I didn't think it would be, so here is it a button heart.
It will hang in the kitchen window with our other hearts which were bought from all over the place.
I had a wonderful card with sparkly hearts and best of all his love.


Sue said...

That's lovely Chris, Tony actually bought me a single red rose this year which was a lovely surprise as he's not usually at all romantic. Hope you'te ok. love Sue xx

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Good for both of you - keeping the romance alive. A x

Julie said...

A very pretty and beautiful gift

Anonymous said...

How lovely, so much nicer than a shop bought card

Barb said...

How lovely Chris, I had a bought card and rose and chocs(which I dont need but enjoyed anywaylol)I did have on my plate a heart shaped piece of toast this morning though.
Hugs Barb

Karan said...

Now that is a lovely gift to give. :0)

Leslie: said...

I made Lorne a card on the computer and he gave me a lovely bouquet of flowers and made us a delicious salmon dinner. :D

Linda said...

Handmade treasures made with loving hands are the best...hugs, Linda

Kathy A. said...

Great idea and what a gorgeous little heart you have made for your DH.
Just caught up on your blog.
You have obviously done some serious thinking. I hope your mind is eased with your decisions made.

Carolyn NC said...

So sweet!