Thursday, 11 February 2010


If you take two steps forward and one step back, you’re still getting someplace.

Don't give up the moment you slip up. Press on!

I needed this saying this morning as yesterday’s weigh in showed I had gained one whole pound! But it isn’t the end of the world.
Lately I am not sleeping well, too many things to do and to think about so like I always used to, yesterday when I was up at 4:30am I made a list of the decisions I have made.

Friends and family:- Write nine letters and post before the end of February

One is to my cousin who hasn’t spoken to me for about eight years, but she is related to me on my mother’s side .and as my mother died when I was two it is suddenly very important to me to be in contact with her, we are both getting older and time slips by without you noticing.

My Australian second cousin’s wife writes to me at Christmas time as I do to her and when we met last year in Australia, we said we would write more often, so that’s important to me too!
A cousin from Wales who became a Grand Mother again last Nov. A note in my christmas card told me, so I must answer her and say congrats.

My old school friend whose son age 39 died eighteen months ago and is still grieving, a note cheers her up and I try to write each month but have missed because of Christmas.

Then I have 5 friends from Billericay who all wrote to me at Christmas time and as I am moving back there I want to keep in good contact with them as they all have been very faithful to me these last three and a half years while I have lived here.

Social daily life:-I must sort out my membership of the U3A and attend the meetings near to where I live here in Coventry instead of paying and not going to the main body of the society because it is the other side of the city!

Give up the writing group as I no longer enjoy it.

Cross stitch:- These were quite hard to decide:-

I am not going to stitch the Grand Marquoir design not because I don’t like it, because I love it but what would I do with another big completed design , there isn’t enough wall space in my house in Billericay and I have loads of other completed designs to put up.
(I think this may apply for just now and later this year I may decided to stitch it!)

I have seen Rose Swalwel’s Seasons and love them so I am going to stitch those , as four little 6x6 designs framed nicely would look very nice in my hall. This is Spring
I have my Blue Ribbon ‘Between the Lines’ which is my piece for the SAL which Gaynor runs, I already have ‘Summer’ Celtic Lady on the go and I am in a Round Robin for the Stitch and Stash group, so I have a lot on my plate as it were. I have also decided to quit the exchange group I am in just got to post off the one I have just completed. I looked at what I had stitched last year and hardly any of it was for me! 
This is Summer

Time is precious and there's just not enough of it!


And Winter:-
Charts and Kits:-  I buy from ebay and I have decided to sell on ebay!!

My charts that I have completed as I will never stitch them again.

Also some kits that I bought two years ago and have never stitched and I know I won’t in the future I have moved on as it were! So must get that sorted and have given myself a cut off date of February 28th!

Writing all this here is committing myself to getting it done!


Barb said...

WTG Chris, good luck with all that.I love those Seasons the times I have been to shows and have thought "Shall I" but they are lovely. Letters and notes are so nice to get,sure all your recipients will be pleased.

stitchersanon said...

We do push ourselves too hard sometimes I feel. I want to get that sampler out of the way and then apart from my gifts, stitch for me.
I have hardly anything that I have stitched for go girl...and good for you.

Nic said...

Good luck with your goals. Hopefully now these are out of your head and on paper, it will help you sleep better too :o)

Katri said...

Sometimes it really is helpful to write down what you want to achieve during a certain time. I probably should do this too.

You can always use the small individual designs of Grand Marquoir for something small: fobs, ornaments and such.

Lesleyanne said...

Sounds like a very good plan to me. Good luck with it all.

Karan said...

Hopefully you'll start to sleep better now you've put your thoughts down - a mental Spring Clean, so to speak. Best of Luck with all you wish to achieve Chris. :0)

Carolyn NC said...

Always helps to write things down to sort them out. I've heard that lack of sleep contributes to weight gain, also, so keep on keeping on. It'll come off next time. Those seasons are sooo pretty.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Good idea to have a list to work from - it helps to keep your mind clear. You certainly have enough to do and a variety too so no danger of getting bored. The season pictures look beautiful, you will enjoy those I think. A x

Julie said...

Sometimes its good to rethink what you are doing and make big changes. I'm sure your friends will welcome you 'home' with open arms when you return in the Summer, i bet they have missed you.

Its always important to keep in touch with family, i really must try harder with some of mine.

I'm sad you are not stitching the Marquoir with me, but as yet i still haven't put a stitch in mine, it might be later in the year that i get started without you inspiring me to stitch every week.

Michelle said...

All sounds like a wonderful plan - hope you are keeping well. Love Michelle x

Claire said...

Hope everything works out for you.

Stitching Kath said...

i always sell my surplus stash on ebay. dont forget to let us know when you are putting stuff on.