Monday, 28 December 2009

A Wonderful Christmas time

We have had a lovely christmas. Our dinner was yummy, I cooked the turkey and ducks and of course made the gravy! Mike did the rest!! I had made the christmas puds ages ago and very nice they were too. My youngest son came and stayed and my eldest son and fiance came on Boxing day with Asia her akita dog, which is so big there was no room in the lounge for all seven adults and that big dog!
Here is my dh ready to cook, sorry about dyson behind him we had moved it out of the cupboard to get out the wines and I took the photo without noticing it hadn't been put back!

So now its a new year ahead and I am looking forward to new ventures. My son Simon's wedding is planned for April 30th and I will be back on my food plan this week. I only put on 2 pounds over Christmas, but we have had an awful lot of biscuits and chocolates given us, although I can resist chocs and I only have one biscuit when I have a coffee so they will last for quite a while.

I am concentrating on my WIPs this coming year with one or two other pieces each month eg. there is the Travelling Stitcher SAL and also the Stitch and Stash Monthly challenge and the SS RR. So still quite a bit to do each month.
So my saying for this coming new year is..........

The hope of a new day peeks through my window!


Michelle said...

Glad you had a lovely Christmas. Lets hope 2010 is a wonderful year for us all. Love your photo!
Michelle x

Winifred said...

I love that photo, he looks so happy. Definitely one for the album.

My Dyson is hardly ever put away! I've taken to leaving it in the downstairs loo to cope after my grandchildren have been. That's most days! If I stashed it in the black hole (cupboard under the stairs) I'd never get it out again.

Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. Hope your year is brilliant in 2010.

Julie said...

Your Christmas sounds perfect, family, good food, what more could there be.

Love the pic of hubby

Happy 2010