Saturday, 19 December 2009

Wintery weather, just right for stitching

Don’t you just love how it all looks in the snow, trouble is when you have to go out in it! Fortunately ours was just a light dusting and as the sun is out now, it has melted.
However it is really cold and it was -6 here this morning and it felt that it way too, the dog came in from the garden with freezing paws, bless!
Still we are all geared up for Christmas day and if we go out again to shop we will have enough food till Easter!
Tomorrow we are driving south to Chelmsford to meet up with my three sons for my birthday so hope the roads will be clear. The forecast is for icy cold here again but not snow, we will be driving into it! My middle son is travelling from West Wales so hope his roads will be clear as down there the lanes can be blocked by drifts.
Just the weather to be in stitching!!


Claire said...

Wow did you take that photo of the Robin?Happy Birthday.

Karan said...

Great pic. :0)
Had light dustings for 2 days & thought we were going to get away with it, then got a very generous covering tonight. It's bitter out!
Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Safe journey & have a lovely day. :0)

Clare-Aimetu said...

Definately stitching weather - I took Ruby out thismorning early - lovely crisp morning but soooooooooooooooo cold.

Julie said...

A lovey pic of the robin.

I hope you had a safe journey and a lovely day with your boys. We've had a good covering of snow and its still here, getting a bit too icy tonight though.

Michelle said...

What a pretty photo. Definitely stitching weather. Take care and stay warm and safe. Michelle x

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Chris said...

Hi all
I must confess I did not take the photo I got it from the Telegraph photos. but isn't it lovely.
Chris x