Sunday, 13 December 2009

Really poorly but a finish and moving on!

This last week has been a slow recovery from a horrible UTI, I have seen more Drs in the last three weeks than I have seen in three years. I hate taking anti-biotics but needs must and thank God for them as I was in considerable pain.
Once I started feeling better it was a very quick recovery and I stitched! Although last saturday I stayed in bed till lunch time, yes I was ill!
But here is my lastest progress on my Blue Ribbon design, called 'Between the Lines' I am loving this and could just stitch this all the time, but I want to finish my Beatrice Quaker sampler so have to stitch some of that too, when it is finished I'll post a pic, I had quite a few frogs call and it was so hard to get back to it after unpicking a whole motif!

And here is my Cat Sampler made up into a cushion!! I would never have finished this if I hadn't joined the 2009 Sal with Gaynor and Co, so thanks to them it was stitched and now a lovely cushion.

AS well as this stitching I have started knitting my DH's socks and have one completed. I had to adjust the number of stitches and altho the pattern said how many stitches to cast on according to measurement around the ball of the foot, all the rest was left to you to work out. So my ratio maths was pushed to its limits and I had to undo one part! I was worried that I may not have enough wool for the second sock, but I have weighed it and it weighs 50g so should be enough, otherwise Mike will have one sock short in the foot!! LOL

He loves the colour which is like a heathery shade and I have some other wool on the way for a pair for moi!
Happy stitching all


Michelle said...

I am so sorry to hear you have been unwell - and not a nice thing to have. Sending you hugs and thinking of you. Your stitching and knitting is lovely - well done. Michelle x

Julie said...

Hope you are soon feeling 100% again Chris.

The cat cushion looks fabulous, and Blue Ribbon is growing nicely too. Looking forward to seeing your BP

Love the socks, nice colour.

Carolyn NC said...

Hope you're feeling back to normal soon. Love the BR design and the finish. Socks are awesome!

Karan said...

Hope you feel much better soon Chris...... & that those pesky frogs have hopped off now. BR is looking great - such a pretty piece. Great socks too - love the colours. :0)

Janaina said...

Im not a big fond of cats myself... I do prefer barking creatures! LOL. But I need to tell you: your cushion is looking fab! Well done!Was that you who put it together? Great job!
Hugs from sunny Brazil.

Anonymous said...

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