Tuesday, 9 June 2009

My Loves!!!, my garden, my stitching and my love of reading!

What a change in our weather, our sunny days have gone and it has been much cooler, and on Sunday the heavens opened. We needed rain but that much??? We had been to the allotment for a couple of hours each day of last week which was very dry and if it hadn’t rained we would have had to go to water, so the rain was good for that, (I must take a photograph so you can see how big it is ) Still the rain meant I could sit and stitch and not feel I should be outside gardening as I still had some plants to put in here. Nell is trying to help by digging the holes ready for the plants eeek!!!
This beautiful climbing rose is called Wedding Day and its what Mike and I bought with some vouchers we were given when we married nearly three years ago It has a beautiful scent as well and the open single blooms are so delicate

And here are some of my patio pots which I love doing every year, I grow most plants from seed except I bought the sarafina .

I love Ladies Mantle and yes I know it spreads every where but the bright green of the flower heads is so clean and fresh I let it grow where ever it wants! Its easy enough to pull up.

And my lupins are slowly going over, but still pretty and I love the way they smell peppery to me. These are all grown from seed two years ago and each year they come up and are as beautiful as ever

And I seem to be on track with my cross stitch this week, done a bit of my 'Cats' sampler, and some of 'Beatrice' too, which doesn’t have to have the progress posted till the end of the month so I shall do some more before then and post a pic then . I have stitched the first part of LHN Needlework and I love stitching it, it is so easy but looks so pretty. And I have finished my alphabet piece for Exchange heaven so I am well pleased with myself! For a change this evening I am going to stitch a Lavender pictured scissor fob, bought yonks ago. I found it when I was tidying my stash… I have such a lot of lovely designs to stitch but I have discovered crossstitch4U so I just had to order some Blackbird designs and a Prairie Schooler one. Well you know how it is, a girls gotta have spare stash for those spare moments when everything else is done

My Needleworks.... this sal is to be stitched section by section as directed and so not too much to do each week.Left to how I would like to stitch it I would just stitch till it was finished! It is 28c cashel linen colour flax and crescent colours floss which are just lovely colours.

And of course my love of reading has had me reading for a second time ‘The Memory Keepers Daughter,’ by Kim Edwards and it was so enjoyable. (It was this months choice of my reading group ) I couldn’t remember the details nor the end. I loved the story and although it moves slowly I liked that about it. The descriptions of Phoebe as a grown young woman with Downs Syndrome were very poignant and I really felt for her and her need to be allowed to live her life as normal young woman. A story of lies and deceit that slowly tears the family apart and you are drawn deeper into the entangled lives of two families. A good read in my view

And last but not least that little 'digger'grrrrr she really needs a wash and a trim so thats to be done before the end of this week!!

She has been good and bad... the good is she will now get out of the dishwasher when told NO! And also asks more to go out before she pees and not after!!
The bad is she has chewed through the cable on Mike's laptop, fortunately it was switched off at the mains.. thats why I told him I keep all my cables on the table!!

But she is still so lovely I could eat her!
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stitchersanon said...

We havent had any rain yet...nearly a week and a half with no rain..must be some kind of record.

What fantastic flowers, and a great garden. Beautiful.
Lovely stitching too. I can see how the two go together. Very restful and calm. So unlike mine at the mo ;-)

Clare-Aimetu said...

Beautiful garden Chris, and I love CapNap :)

I wouldn't trim the "digger" to soon with this chilly weather, the shorn sheep in Wales looked very cold in the rain - bless them.

Julie said...

Gorgeous garden pics, i love to see other peopls oasis.

Nice progress on your stitchy pieces too.

Angela said...

Your garden is beautiful.

Your so lucky your lupins grow back, mine die after the first year so it's a case of growing from seed each year. The curse of a really heavy clay soil!!

zetor said...

Hello Chris, thankyou for the lovely comment you left on my blog. Your garden looks lovely, mine is a little messy in places but I try to plant a few pots each year and they usually bloom well. They are getting a good soaking as I type, terrible weather!
I have just started crossstitch again after a long break, I'm making a bookmark from the latest 'Crosstitcher' magazine, lets hope it turns out ok. I do like all your work and the cat in progress. 'Speak' soon.

Karan said...

Gorgeous flowers & one very cute bundle of fluff & mischief. Love those two WIP's. :0) Had just enough rain here to refresh the garden but not enough to make us think we should build a life raft, unlike the poor folks in Sheffield.
Had MK'sD in my hands last week whilst in the charity shop but put it back - now regretting that. Hope they've still got it when I next visit! :0)

Anonymous said...

Have just spent a veru pleasant moment visiting your blog. Some beautiful photos of your garden and stitching and Nell is just so cute ^^

Marjorie said...

Your little dog is precious, I have two Coton De Tulears. Chloe is 14 and Luigi 12. We had to leave them at the kennel this morning as we are going to Texas Monday. I miss them already.

It has been raining in Maine fairly regularly since April. It felt good to get out of the fog and damp climate.

The garden looks beautiful as does your garden. I feel like I live in Ireland it is so lush and green.

We are in Boston at my daughter's where it is starting to rain and I hear thunder. Looks like I am not going to get away from rain. :)