Saturday, 13 June 2009

Socks!!! And a tragedy turned into a new stash!!

Am I mad or what but I have sent off for a starter sock pack!! I looked at knitting socks patterns and wools a couple of weeks ago and like Sue (as if by magic) said, looked at so many sites advertising sock knitting I felt I had knitted half a dozen pairs!! I used to knit them for my children and as the fashion for young girls is to wear coloured socks around the house I thought what a good idea it would be to knit them for Christmas pressies!
So I shall have a go although I have a lot of cross stitching on the go I can still fit in knitting(I hope!!)

But a bit of a nuisance well actually a tragedy I have lost one of my crescent floss's for My NeedleWork SAL!! I thought I might have left it at the Cross stitching group I went to on Wednesday but it seems not. DH and I have looked everywhere in the house and haven't found it... So.... I have had to order another and of course I couldn't order just one so I have ordered quite a few, well a lot! So I am waiting for delivery...... wahoooo lots and lots of crescent colours!!
Watch this space!!
I shall use them for 'Natures Beauty' which has DMC listed but I shall match up the colours..
I am a happy bunny!


Angela said...

Knitting socks sounds dangerous to me, good luck.

I will be joining you on the Crescent Colours ordering as I need more of one colour and you can't really justify the postage for just one colour can you!!

Kathy A. said...

Oh so sorry about the missing floss. I lost 4 spools of Kreinik and a pair of my Gingher Scissors. They turned up a month later! You never know.
but what a great excuse to order some new colors lol

Julie said...

That sock looks cool, i told myself this would be the year to try it .... who knows when i see your progress i might just not be able to resist any more LOL

Karan said...

Have fun with the sock knitting - knitted socks always looks so warm & comfy. Shame about the missing thread but it sounds like it turned into the perfect stash buying excuse. LOL :0)

Lisa V said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting, hope to be involved in exchanges with you over at Exchange Heaven.

Hazel said...

Goodness me I have missed quite a few of your posts. I enjoyed catching up though. Love the socks. xx

Anonymous said...
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