Monday, 20 April 2009

Smoking needles or got my mojo back!!

A scissor fob for Challenge for a finish turned into a pressie for Gaynor, hence the back and a cabbage and carrots!

And some of my WIPs all moving along...this is my 'Cats' sampler which I am doing with Gaynor's group.. Stitchalong.... when I am stitching it I love it, but it is so difficult to get it out of my WIP basket!

And my Beatrice Potter sal which I have started again.. I am using 32c Antique white with Vicky Clayton HD silk, colour Dried Roses and this is my third start; I do like this very much but as I said some thing this size is going to be an heirloom so it has to be good!

And not a very good photograph but this is my LHN 'Home of a Needleworker,' which is for ME!

I also have completed a woodland themed design for 'Hooked on Exchanging too' but as this hasn't been received yet, I'll have to wait to post a pic for it....and I forgot I also did a scissor fob for Maxine as she lost her scissors, but didn't take a pic..
So I feel I have done really well this last two weeks considering we were away the weekend before Easter in Wales, then the Easter Weekend was busy and this last weekend I went 'home' to Billericay... today I have spent some time in the garden and it is looking pretty wonderful even if I say so myself. I shall post some pics when I am finished tomorrow!
By the way our new little pup is a tri-coloured cockapoo (cross cocker spaniel and poodle) and it looks like her name is going to be Little Nel. Monday seems a long time away to pick her up, I love her already!
Anyone looking at what I have stitched this year and compare it to the numbers of books I have read will see I read more than I stitch!


Lula said...

scissor fob is lovely.

we have a cocker spaniel

Maxine said...

Thanks for my scissor fob Chris. Your stitching is so lovely and I like the new start on your BP sampler here's hoping third time lucky for you :) Your new puppy is a little cutie, I'd love to see peoples faces when they ask what breed and you say cockerpoo we get the looks when we say our two are MinPinPoms (minature pinscher and pomeranian)

stitchersanon said...

Cockapoo....hehe. Well, that def made me smile. She is lovely.
Well done on all your work..I have moved your SAL post and put it with all the others...hope you dont mind. I love the scissor using it and for the first time in ages I have not lost my scissors whilst not actually moving anywhere lol. Thank you!

Michelle said...

Lovely work Chris.
So glad you have enjoyed spending time in your garden too.
Love Michelle x

Sue said...

I love your new choice for your Beatrix Potter Chris, do you think this will be third time lucky? Can't wait to see some pics of your new pup when you get her home...

Kathy A. said...

I love the little scissor fob you made for me - it made me laugh.
I love the color you chose for your new start on Beatrix Potter.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great projects!!!

Tillybud said...

Little Nel? I could swoon from the cuteness!

Jackie said...

I love scissor fob very much. A small yet handy project to bring along in my stitch-on-the-go bag.

Anonymous said...

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