Saturday, 25 April 2009

Exchange received

My exchange has arrived in US so I can now post a pic, I think I am making too much of these exchanges and the stitching took ages so I have decided to stop and just stitch for my friends and me!

This is the stitched hanger or pinkeep


stitchersanon said...

What a lovely exchange. A lot of stuff though lol!

Thank you so much for helping Theresa with her search for vinyl aida...well done. How did you do it??? I looked everywhere lol.

Many many thanks!

Karan said...

Hi Chris
Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment. :0)
Have enjoyed a lovely browse of your blog. You have some gorgeous stitching & your garden is beautiful (including Gladys). Have added your blog to my Bloglines list so I can come back again. :0)

Lula said...

the stitching is beautiful

Michelle said...

OMG your hanger is lovely. Lovely stitching.

Love Michelle x

miss said...

Hi Chris
Thanks heaps for helping me out with my hunt for vinyl aida. this exhange is gorgeous matey

Carol said...

Thank you for the lovely exchange! I am sorry I do not have your email so that I can thank you privately. I hope you were not unhappy with the exchange - I could not quite understand what you meant about why you are going to stop doing them... thanks again! I appreciate all you did for me ;-)

Julie said...

A lovely exch, but i agree when you join a few it does cut into time that you need to do other stuff.

Lovely plants growing in your conservatory and your garden is lovely. Gladys is adorable.

Winifred said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a message. I've enjoyed looking at your postings.

That is a pretty hanger but I think you're right about stitching for friends and family. It's very time consuming.

I've been doing a mail art exchange and it is taking me ages. I keep thinking "what if it gets lost in the post"? I couldn't face doing it again. It will be my first and last I think.

Love your garden, what an amazing amount of plants you've grown.