Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Home to Wales for the weekend!

This was the view from our window.. fresh air and quiet!

Once again I have made the journey home to Porthcawl to put flowers on the graves of my Mother, the Aunt who brought me up and my other Aunt and Grand parents.. the cemetery is filling up!! This year I managed not to fall over!!
When the sun is shining there in Porthcawl I have a longing to return and live there which would be quite possible, but the lovely little town is dead. Most of the little individual shops have gone and in their place pound shops and charity shops and of course no Woollies! Sad to see it all go down hill. But the habadashery shop is still there with the same old man owner! I bought some headed pins in a lovely tin and needles and earing hooks ready for the beads to make ear rings,I bought a while ago.
I always feel sad going there to the cemetery and tears fall every time for the mother I never knew and of course for my Aunty Glad who paid for my education and the piano lessons that did me so well when I was a teacher.
I must start to play more!!


stitchersanon said...

I am sorry going home is linked to sorry, but at least there is a craft shop to try and make you smile afterwards.
It looks a beautiful place.

Julie said...

I very moving post.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Having and making memories os what life is about - God bless.

My dad's cousin lives near Porthcawl at Pyle -we've been a couple of times - its' a lovely area.