Saturday 11 March 2023

A mere sprinkling!

 This tree is on the road leading to our town, called The Welcome Tree by the towns' people and this past week had snow! But not a lot.

We never have snow here well hardly ever being a seaside town.  I do however have a photo (somewhere) of me in a pram on the beach with snow all around about 1944. 

We didn't have as much as some places, but it did flatten my daffodils and crocuses although they have popped up again. We still only have purple crocus flowering, we never realised that purple ones flowered first, then the yellow and orange ones flower, its only since I've grown them I knew this, did you?

Have you had a lot of snow? Lovely to look at but horrible when you have to go to work, thank goodness I'm retired. What about you?



Eileen H said...

I live in a coastal town and we had snow but not nearly as much as most places in the UK and I'm glad it's gone now.

Jo said...

The snow looks so pretty when you're indoors looking out on it, I'm not so keen on actually being in it. We got our fair share here but it rained last night so there's only little bits left of it now.

Poppypatchwork said...

I never knew that purple crocus flowered first, I normally only get yellow ones.

meandmysmallcorner said...

We had a little snow at the end of last week but by the end of the weekend the rain has washed it all away again. I like to watch it from inside the house, not so much trudging through it when it has gone slushy or icy.