Monday, 30 September 2019

TA-DA... At last

I have finished my latest blanket. These 16 balls of yarn have become ...

…. this lovely ripple style blanket of gorgeous softness in pastel shades.
I used Lucy of Attic 24's woodland pattern except on the return row,  I did a half treble stitch and not double.

The colours I used in order all Style Craft Special DK bought from my LYS.

Storm blue
Pale Rose
Powder Pink
Parma Violet
Cloud Blue
Duck Egg

Just to show the border of linen stitch.

I have loved crocheting this and now feel just a bit lost. And I have learnt that I have quite a loose stitch, but I wasn't making any particular size just the pleasure of crocheting. 
I think I'll just keep this on the stool in the lounge so I can  feast my eyes on it's beauty.. oh I do love it.

What have you completed lately?


Winifred said...

That's a lovely blanket very relaxing colours & it looks so soft. Nice to pop over your legs for telly watching.

At the moment I'm knitting brown V neck tank tops for a school in India, (brown so they don't show dust & dirt) & the fish & chip baby sets.
I'm trying to learn to quilt but I do love to knit & crochet especially in winter.

Joanne Noragon said...

Chris, this is so lovely!

hazel c UK said...

Your. Blanket is gorgeous. I love Lucy's patterns and cannot wait until the next one. I made Dunes this year for my daughter. I would love to go to Yarndale. I am like you I miss crocheting especially now winter in coming.
Have a nice weekend Chris.
Hazel c uk