Monday, 22 February 2016

Should I spend so much time thinking about food???

Some clever person said if you are always thinking about food you have a problem! Well I must have a problem, but I would argue it's a good problem because it means I think about what I eat.
I am always battling with my weight, ever since January 1988 when I was first diagnosed with an under active thyroid.
I gained a lot of weight but thought once my thyroxin dose was sorted I would lose weight, not so... ever pound I have lost, I have fought for! 
This was my lunch today followed by a yogurt and a fresh very delicious pear. The beetroot was from our veg. patch which have lasted through the mild winter. I also had a slice of wholemeal bread toasted. So for each meal I am having 3/4 of the plate filled with greens, either salad or veg. I shall keep everyone posted, even if I fail!
So anyone else with a plan to lose weight, any tips would be gratefully received or do you have a sure fired way to lose those extra pounds?


Jacqueline Morris said...
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Jacqueline Morris said...
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Jacqueline Morris said...

I think about food a lot too!!
I think your doing ok... You are on the right track, eating healthily and nice food too!
When I started blogging way back in 2013 I used to post everything I ate all the time, it was great for me as I had a record of what I ate and could see over time what I liked and disliked. It was an enjoyable process, and actually helped me to lose over 4 stone!! As time has passed I blog more about my crafting adventures.. Things I enjoy doing! I still every now and then post what I eat, it's more difficult now as being bed bound I don't have the luxury of making my own food. And to top it all off with gastric/stomach issues I am not eating a lot, beating bloated 24/7 and struggling to eat everyday foods...I simply just eat what stays in!! For me my weight is a major issue, I know being bed bound I am not moving about so not burning calories. But I have to eat!! I, like you am trying to eat's a constant struggle. Hang in there... I know what your going through.
Big smiles :)

Vickie said...

This looks very yummy actually. I hope you have great success my friend!

Shelly said...

Your lunch looks great. I also have an under active thyroid and taking medication for it. I've always been chunky, or pleasantly plump but have really put on some pounds in the last two years because of my sedentary job and stitching a lot on the weekends! I downloaded an app called Lose It! Don't know if it is available in the UK but it is working for me. I've lost 10 lbs. but only since the first of the year! A vacation and some issues have made me go up and down because I'm an emotional eater. I also have an exercise bike I jump on 3, 4 times a week. It's tough to lose weight as an older person. I'm 52 and I have to really focus to lose weight. Wishing you lots of luck! I know the struggle!

Julie said...

Your lunch looks very tasty.

Theresa said...

It is a chore to lose the weight the older I get! I am trying to fill my plate with vegetables too! Enjoy your week ahead dear friend, HUGS!

cucki said...

Yayy so yummy :)

Winifred said...

That does look good. I have a thyroid problem too which makes it easy to put weight on if I don't swim. Hard to motivate myself to swim in winter though it's so cold coming out afterwards. Roll on summer!

Amy at love made my home said...

My advice is to just keep going! Good luck! xx

rosey175 said...

I think that looks delicious! I'm not a vegetarian but I do love a good salad.

What I find works best for me is to log all the food. I don't exactly count calories but I do keep track. Seeing just how much I was nibbling was an eye-opener. Handful of nuts? Better put it down. Extra cookie (or three)? Adds up quick. I use the LoseIt app on my phone; others have had luck with MyFitnessPal. I think I lose weight all year just to gain it back at Christmas haha. :D

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

As a slim person I have noted a few differences between how I eat compared to people who struggle with their weight.
The first is portion control. Society seems to have lost track of what a "portion" is and they are getting bigger all the time. The portions as well as the people!
The second is the speed at which people eat. I am always the last one to finish a meal with friends. If you eat too fast your brain does not get the message that you are full in time to stop you eating any more.
Third - "clear your plate" is what we were all taught as children. I rarely do that, there's always something left. I don't feel that emotional pressure to lick the plate clean!
Fourth - set snacks at set times and nothing after 7pm.
Fifth - If you don't want to eat unhealthy snacks then don't buy them! People who say "I ate a whole multi pack of crisps", why have that many bags in the house?! Buy one packet at a time. If you have to have multi packs for the children, lock them away in a cupboard, lock the key in a box, lock that box in a cupboard etc. The longer you delay getting to them the longer you have to think about whether you want to eat them or not.

Several friends of mine are doing really well on the Slimming World club at the moment, that seems to be a good one to join.